Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Autumn Activities

The temperatures have moderated and have been in the 50's, and though its been rainy still, I think that is going to change at least for one day this week!

Autumn brings the delight of wearing sweaters, dressing in layers; with a cute dress, leggings and boots.  Its clove and wild orange oil in the diffuser, and turning on ambient lighting as evening comes.

I've been using little battery operated strings of lights in my jars and votive holders.  It's so nice to have the light without having to deal with candles.

I love going outside and having the cool air hit my face, and enjoy the scent of wood smoke in the air.  I love the burning bush turning red, and the viburnum leaves going yellow.  I saw the first of my neighbors oak leaves in our driveway this morning, and while I know this means a million oak leaves are on their way, I really don't mind.  His tree will give us weeks of beauty to enjoy.

I've been knitting hats again, this time for a friends' granddaughters.  Kamryn has requested hats for her and Klaire, too.  They knit up so easily and are really cute.  I like feeling productive, too.

I think I may have to knit one for myself, too.  This pattern is really cute!  My problem is figuring out what yarn to use for myself, as I like a lot of different colors.  So...maybe that means more than one hat?!

Sarah and Rachel's boyfriend Wes, are headed up to visit Rachel this weekend.  Sarah is so excited to see Rachel, its been six weeks since she has seen her.  Wes is happy to go visit as well, as you can imagine!  Rachel's school requires her to have a chaperone if she goes off campus with someone of the opposite sex, so Sarah is filling that role this weekend, as well.

I think I want to have a campfire this weekend, if the rain will go away and allow the ground to dry out.  I even has supplies ready for s'mores!  

My sister in law, Paula, is coming for a visit next week.  She'll be staying at my parents house, but may stay with us a few days also.  I'll be picking her up at BWI on Tuesday.  We plan to go to tea, do some shopping, and maybe a fall foliage drive.  She's hoping for fall color but so far we don't have much.

I have Klaire and Kamryn again today, and I need to get Kyle and Kamryn started on their school work.  I hope you have a wonderful day.


  1. Your October day sounds lovely! It is much the same here in Texas. I’m going to wear a sweater and warm pants today! So, I’ve been wondering if you homeschool your grandchildren......
    I know Bob Jones University always required chaperones back in the day when so many of our church’s young people were going there. Most of them are teachers now.

  2. Oh a campfire sounds delightful! Our weather is about to get cooler again. We had a short spurt of cool weather and then the heat came back. Enjoy your day and I know you look forward to having a visitor. HUGS!

  3. I like the idea of using your battery lights clumped up in a jar or votive. Our cool weather did not last long but I think it will be back tomorrow, maybe for good! ~Podso

  4. I love your garden journal book by Edith Holden. I'm on the look out for an inexpensive one, I borrow it from the library about twice a year to look through and enjoy.


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