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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

My Daily Work

We all have daily tasks that keep us busy. They are the basic work of keeping a home, and caring for those who live in your home.

We are down to four people from 8-10 people and it feels very weird some days.  I have so much time on my hands.  Basic chores don't take long with four people, who are  basically all grown.  Meals, dishes, cleaning, laundry.

There are some extra chores this time of year, as the maple trees are setting their seeds, but its not heavy work.  

I find that as my family have grown, there is more emotional work that I do, than a lot of physical work.  Having conversations with my out of state daughter, meeting my other married daughter to shop for clothes and stopping for a treat and conversation, giving my son a ride home from work since they have only one vehicle, keeping my teenage son busy, and listening to the things that are interesting to him.  Talking with my husband about business, listening to his stories, cheering him on.

That's my real work. Relationships.  It's important, but at the end of the day, there is not often a lot to show for what I accomplished all day.

God sees though, and as I am beginning to prepare for an empty nest, and an end to my homeschool career (we have four years to go) I was feeling as if I had to come up with a career.  However, I'll be 60 years old in four and a half years. 

That number sounds crazy to me, but it's true! I'm a grandma who still is raising teenagers!  I wondered what could I do besides what I do now. 

Then the thought came to me, "Why do I have to do anything different?"  I can still care for my home, encourage my children and my parents, help people with weddings, and flowers, throw tea parties, host people for meals.

The real thing I realized is that I was looking at my life as if I had to do something that would bring in income.  The Lord encouraged me to not worry about that.  He has provided us with good income, and if there was a need, he would also provide me with work.  I could trust him, and so I'm learning to leave it in his hands.

I've already begun my day's work by making Tim breakfast, and packing his lunch. Now I'm going to fold some laundry, load some dishes into the dishwasher, get a teenage boy out of bed, make my bed.

What ever work you have today, I hope your day is wonderful and full of good things.


  1. I agree with you 100%! I love being a homemaker - and I love being a wife, mother, grandmother and friend.

  2. I will bookmark this post for reflecting in future. :) Hugs. This was beautiful.

  3. Enjoy your day dear friend, I plan on doing the same! HUGS!

  4. You are going to cherish the next four years of homeschooling having been a teacher for so long. It must be nice to gain what must feel like extra time in your day. I spent time (about an hour and a half) outside on clean-up. I need to call in a crew.

  5. I understand your feelings. It can be a bit of an adjustment to realize how to fill your time after the children are raised and retirement is now here. In fact, I have an upcoming post on this....being a homemaker is very rewarding for most of us I hope!


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