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Friday, August 2, 2019

Friday Five

Well friends, it's August.  Summer is flying by and with school starting in many places around the country in the next several weeks, stores will be on to halloween candy and costumes.  I can tell a difference in the light, and where the sun is coming up that our sweet earth on her yearly rotation around the sun is edging closer to autumn.  Personally, I can't wait.

On to the Five - 
1. This boy will be 14 tomorrow!

He's a terrific young man, and we are thankful for the gift of him!

2. Vee sent me this sweet little hedgehog, as a tuck in on my secretary desk shelves.  He belonged to her Nan, and she collected him through a tea company.  He has joined my three rabbits and the birds.

3. Klaire loves her baby sister

4. I loved this graphic I saw on Pinterest!

5. I leave you with a view of my Limelight hydrangea from my bedroom window 

Happy Weekend!


  1. Oh my goodness. Baby Kyle. Happy 14th to him tomorrow!! More sweetness: Klaire with her baby sister. Love the hedgehog too.

    What a sweet post! Happy weekend to you too!

  2. Yes, school is starting here soon also, I have a granddaughter graduating this year.
    Lovely photo's.

  3. Tomorrow? Fourteen? Wow and happy birthday to him. That video is darling! And so is the big sister who has all the coos down pat with her little sister. They’ll be fast friends all through the years.

  4. Your baby is 14! And a handsome young man. Have fun celebrating.

  5. Life has sidelined me for a bit...but here I am. Catching up on you and yours...Wow! You've had your challenges. Hope you're getting relief from your pain. How your kids and grands are growing! ♥️

  6. WOW, Happy Birthday to your handsome Son! Love those hydrangeas, a bouquet waiting to happen at my house too. Have a blessed day and week ahead dear friend, HUGS!


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