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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Evening At The Cottage

Last evening, I was grilling hamburgers as it was getting dark.  The skies had been grey all day, but in the photos it looks like l'heure bleue. The cottage looked cozy with the lights shining so I took a few photos.

I don't often see the cottage at night from the outside and I was happy to see that it looks warm and inviting.


  1. It certainly looks very welcoming.

  2. It surely does and I am quite certain that every heart sighs a happy sigh when coming home. My home is pretty dark on the front side because the addition where I live is in the back. Mindful of my neighbors, I try to put a candle on in the bow window to give some cheer.

  3. It certainly does look warm and inviting!! I am noticing your pretty new screen door on the side of the cottage too!

  4. It does indeed look very warm and welcoming. What a lovely sight to greet arriving family and friends!

  5. Warm and inviting, indeed. I love your screen door, the fence, the trellis. It's all lovely.


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