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Friday, October 25, 2019

Friday Five

I've been slowly getting things put where I want them after our big painting job in the living room/kitchen and hallway.

1. Picture and huge book stack in the living room this week.  Sarah cleared out her room and decided she enjoyed these books, all bought used, but no longer wanted to own them.  Anyone looking for Lori Wick books? 

2. Tim helped me by hanging this heavy mirror.  I moved it to the living room, from the end of the hallway, because this kind of beauty needs to be seen.

3. We hung the picture back up over the couch.

4. Lindsay bought me a big bunch of flowers for my birthday and gave them to me in a lovely pottery pitcher.  This week, I recut the flowers and made smaller arrangements from them and added them to the centerpiece on our table.

 5. I took this photo out of my bedroom window this morning.  I love having this view from my room.

Tim and I are taking my parents on a day trip to the Poconos tomorrow to see the beautiful trees and have lunch out.  There is also an antique store in the area I like to check out.

What are you doing tomorrow?


Sandi said...

It's all so restful and home-y!

Tomorrow? No idea. I hope to get the laundry done today, so tomorrow is wide open.


Linda said...

I remember when you bought that beautiful mirror! The yellow is so you! Bright and sun shiny.

I guess Texas is not doing color this year. Not that we ever have much, anyway.
Just fading green and then brown.

Louis Dean and I are on Critter Duty so that will be our Saturday. It rained last night but we may still be able to drive the truck down for morning chores.
Enjoy the day trip with your parents! Maybe someday my kids will take me to see fall foliage!

podso said...

Tomorrow? Grandson's soccer game! I love trimming down flowers and making new, smaller bouquets. have a nice weekend.

Kim said...

My girls are singing in the city tomorrow we will be there watching! Enjoy your trip!!

Barb said...

I just love the yellow! I think it always feels so fresh and new to bring things from other rooms or places to enjoy somewhere else...the mirror is gorgeous, so are the flowers!

I love antique stores, enjoy your outing!!

Buttercup said...

Hope you're having a great weekend! Services last night and a meeting downtown this morning. Lots of walking and enjoying the beautiful autumn day!

Theresa said...

Oh that mirror definitely needs to be seen:) It is a beauty! Enjoy your day dear friend, our trees aren't colorful yet... just a few. HUGS!

Cheryl said...

Saturday was a lovely day of cooking (a big pot of soup, enough for several meals, and a big bowl of chicken salad for lunches this week), cleaning, and working on the kitchen remodel (Ron). My kind of day! Yesterday, two of my grandchildren were baptized ! It was a wonderful weekend!

I'm sure your trip was fun and full of autumn beauty!

I like the mirror in the living room! It's fun to mix things up a bit after a fresh paint job.


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