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Monday, December 30, 2019

Weekend Wedding

Saturday's wedding was in a local greenhouse, owned by friends of the brides' family.  They are closed now until spring, so this was a large available space.  It was a really wonderful venue for a wedding.

They have many unique tables that are used for display, so we took advantage of them.

 We set up all the tables, then moved seven of them to accommodate the ceremony space.  It was so handy to have other greenhouse tunnels to use to slide the already set tables into and out of the way.  After the ceremony we simply moved all the chairs to the tables that were still out and brought the remaining seven tables out and put chairs there, too!

The rehearsal dinner was from a local greek restaurant and was tasty!  The groom's mom set up folding tables into the space, and used the catering space to set up her catered food!

Friday night before the rehearsal the bride and groom were walking around looking at everything.  I caught them like this.  I only made them not move so I could snap a photo!

They had six attendants each, two flower girls, and one small ring bearer.  His granddad married them.

 Here is a zoomed in photo of the ring bearer.  The grooms' youngest brother.  He was very pleased with himself, and he did a great job.

The morning of the wedding the groomsmen gathered.  

Groomsmen boutonnieres

The white fabric background with tulle and green vines turned out so well and was the background for dancing (this was the space for the dance floor) and many selfies!

Everything in these place settings were disposable.  It looks great and makes for easy clean up.

Everyone enjoyed celebrating with the bride and groom, Rachel and Daniel.

I set up my garden table for a sweetheart table.

This space with the red doors and the urns was already in place and in the center of the room!  All I did was fill the urns and set up the table for them.  The bench they are seated on was already there, too!

The brides brother lead worship and I found out that greenhouses have amazing acoustics.

Kyle and Sarah at the wedding.

The tables had greens on them, these great wood cut out table numbers, and two photos.  Each photo showed different stages of the bride and grooms lives.

My sweet friend Maureen took this photo of us after everything was over.  Wes is looking off to the left in the photo and he thinks he looks bad, but the rest of us look good, so I used it! (sorry, not sorry Wes!)

Tomorrow Tim and I are headed to an Airbnb for a few days to celebrate our 32nd anniversary.  We're not going far, but it will be a lovely time to relax and share time together.  

Happy New Year, everyone, and Happy New Decade!


Vee said...

Many blessings on the newly married couple. I love this venue!

Linda said...

Beautiful! Wishing the couple a very happy life, smiles. Our 31st wedding anniversary is the 31st of December. We don't go anywhere, long story on why (accident when we first got married--so that makes us weary, smiles.) Happy Anniversary to you as well. smiles.

Cheryl said...

What a uniquely charming place to hold a wedding and reception!! It looks like everything was beautiful!! I know you were a huge help to the happy couple!! I love your family photo and I am still oohing and aahing over Sarah's dress. 😍


  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We spent Saturday, doing things around the house, and then we swam. Kyle and Sarah left after that...