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Monday, December 2, 2019

Oh, Christmas Tree!

I've chatted quite a bit this year about getting an artificial tree this year.  I had one all picked out and was ready to purchase, when Tim said he'd rather get a real tree again this year, and buy an artificial tree after Christmas.

So, on Saturday we headed to Costco to see if we could find a reasonably priced tree.  We almost missed where they had them, as they were off on the side in the parking lot.  All the trees were bound (and couldn't be unbound) and were between 7-8 feet tall and were Fraser Fir, and were the same price.  So we bought an 8ft tree and trimmed it down to 7 1/2 feet and now I have extra greens to use!

I love decorating a tree!  This year I added on string of twinkle lights.  This is a strand of lights that every fifth light flashes off and on.  I put it along the trunk of the tree.  I like it.

Many of these ornaments we've had for years, and some are from more recent years.  Some were more pricey and some were from the dollar store.  I just purchased them with the style and color in mind.

I think it looks very much like an English Country House/Cottage look.

My very favorite thing about our tree?

My silver ornaments from Scotland and my plaid ribbon!

Do you have your tree up and decorated yet?  Vee mentioned that in the area where she lives, no one puts up a real tree this early.  I do it every year, and only had a few years where I had to take it down before Epiphany, due to dryness.  What do people in your area do with real trees?  Do they wait or put them up at the beginning of December?


Rebecca said...

It's SO beautiful, Deanna!

Linda said...

I haven’t had a real tree in years. I love to leave mine lit all the time I’m in the house and they just dry out too fast. We used a real tree and real garland back in 2012 when we lived in the camper. We decorated the gazebo area and The Who,e thing turned brown with 10 days! Houston weather! I do love getting extra greenery and making fresh bouquets!
Your tree is simply beautiful!

Estelle's said...

You are way ahead of me....however, I just love your tree!!! SIMPLY beautiful!!!!

Mrs. White said...

Your tree looks so beautiful!

Vee said...

I like your plaid ribbon, too. This morning, I have been fussing with my burlap ribbon that allows the light to filter through. It matches the “gold-ish” theme I have going. This year, my philosophy is to toss everything on. I’ll be eager to read what others have to say about trees. Hope that you find a nice faux after Christmas. I remember those really cool ones you found one year from Wayfair maybe. They were so realistic looking and had nice spacing for hanging ornaments. I kept trying to purchase one and they were always sold out. 🙃

Kim said...

It looks lovely, Deanna. I know that when my sisters used to get real trees they waiting until mid- December. However, my daughter's boyfriend works at a Christmas tree yard this year and he said business is booming!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

I love a real tree but we have always had an artificial. I can leave it up longer. ;-) I love your teapot bell hanging on the tree. You have some unique ornaments. Very nice, and thank you for sharing at my little party today. Blessings...Sandi

Cheryl said...

We had a real tree for many years. We always cut them fresh at a tree farm and kept them watered, and we did not have any trouble with them lasting until Christmas. (Our last real tree dropped needles like cRaZy, but we assume that it had some kind of blight or something because we cut it ourselves so we know it was fresh and it started loosing needles right away. We gave up and replaced it a few days before Christmas . . . and that is when we went back to faux.)

Your tree is beautiful!! I love the plaid ribbon and the special ornaments that you have collected.

Mrs.T said...

We have had real trees -- for years, we cut them from our own property -- but they have never lasted for as long as we would like to keep them up. The artificial are better for that, at least here in New England. That said, while doing a bit of shopping the day after Thanksgiving, we did encounter several vehicles with fresh trees lashed to the roof. But they may have belonged to the sort of people who chuck the tree out the day after Christmas!

We like leaving the tree up longer and enjoying the light and sparkle it provides. Your tree is lovely!


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