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Friday, October 16, 2020

Friday Five And Some Thoughts

 Many years ago now, Tim and I got rid of cable for watching TV.  We found that the only thing we were watching was the news and it was negative and telling a narrative, and so we decided that with the internet we could read news, hear it on the radio, etc.  We found we got a much broader perspective on events happening here in the US and around the world. (our local npr station used to play the BBC world service news late at night and I'd listen to that, too, when I used to have to pick Rachel up after closing at CFA)

Last night, Tim and I tuned in to a live stream of NBC online so we could watch the town hall meeting.  From the way the people were presenting the differing news stories, you could tell there was an agenda, and its an agenda of fear. Everything from the number of positive coronavirus tests (not deaths, just positive tests), you'd think that everyone who gets the virus is going to die.  They've made people afraid to even get the virus.

Same with the unemployment numbers, except they forgot to mention that our unemployment is where we were at the end of the second term of O's administration.  They exact same numbers, and we've currently had so many out of work because of extreme lockdowns. (I live in one of these states) 

They didn't mention any of that.  To me that's an encouraging sign that our strong economy before the virus is coming back!  They should have been telling that story, but they weren't.  

They didn't because they hate the president.  We were not surprised at Savannah Guthrie debating the president last night rather than being their to facilitate voters asking questions only.  The positive thing was it gave the president a chance to speak to these issues.  Oh, and guess what?  She is married to the man who was Al Gore's traveling Chief of Staff during the the 2000 presidential election.

I've been concerned for years about human trafficking.  I haven't mentioned it here but this isn't the place I talk about those issues.  Child sex trafficking is a real problem, and getting scarier all the time.  I'm deeply troubled by Huntr Bdens laptop and the photos that purport to show s*x with minors. The former VP wasn't asked about this issue at all last night at his townhall and social media owners are shutting everyone down, including a major newspaper and the press secretary for the president, who mentions it.  They are working to not allow you access to this information. 

 They are hiding and protecting politicians they support, and tearing into those they don't support.  That's why so many people think or thought the president was involved in things that turned out to be actually done by the other party.

My heart is so troubled by how close we are to losing our freedom of speech, right to dissent, etc.  I'm okay with people who have different political views. Its their right, and I support it!  I'm not okay with media telling only the narrative they want you to have.

That's all I'm going to say for now.  

Now to my five - 

1. Kyle is so much help to me. He is one great young man.

2. Our hard work paid off, and looked great until the chickens came back to scratch away!

3. My bed looked cozy the other morning, so I snapped a photo.

4. I've been knitting and finished this cowl.  It may be a gift or I might keep it.

5. My battery operated candles.  I use the remote to set a time and they come on at 6:00pm and go off at midnight.

I got my first set of 9 as a gift from Rachel last year for Christmas.  They were purchased from Amazon.  I bought another set with a birthday gift card, because I love them so much!  The link to the exact set I bought is wrong because it shows a birch bark candle set, but this link {here} will take you to a set that looks exactly like what I purchased.  

I don't use scented candles in my home, only essential oil diffusers, but I love the coziness of candles and these battery ones give me all the cozy feels.

I hope you have a good weekend.  I'm praying for our country, and I know you all are too!  Thankful for each one of you.

disclosure - If you order through my amazon link, I will receive a small credit.  It doesn't affect your price in anyway.


  1. Heartily agree with your concerns. Yes, I am praying. TDS is real and it causes mental instability. Yes, how ironic that all those things they were accusing the President of, they are themselves guilty of doing.

  2. I did not watch the townhalls. I don't watch much news lately either. I do read news online and watch a few youtube commentators. It is strange to see some people clinging to the news channels and believing every word when so much of it is lies.

  3. Thank you for this post, I agree with your thoughts on the political campaign. The main stream media is so disgustingly biased against our President. My local paper prints news from the AP so I read that propaganda there so I read both sides because I seek out other sources like

  4. I feel the same wau you do....we must all pray and ask God to have mercy on our country.

  5. I share all of your views, and I do, every night before bed, pray that God will be standing next to our President, and he will be elected for another 4 years!

  6. I agree with you totally concerning our country. God is our ONLY hope, he promised if we turn from our wicked ways he would help us. I pray every day for his forgiveness and for the blind eyes and ears to be opened to be able to see.

  7. I love making my bed in the morning where it sits, cozily waiting for the end of the day!

  8. Indeed the mainstream media has their own's very transparent actually...Guthrie was truly horrible in her interaction with the President....I love the photo of tidying up the Fall...isn't that just beautiful!!! Have a lovely weekend Deanna!

  9. Beautiful photos...I agree with your thoughts...oh and the unemployment rate here in our county is 15.3% AND overall for NY it is 12.5%, because tech. we are still shut down.

    I hope you have a beautiful weekend. smiles


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