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Monday, October 5, 2020

My Finds From Antiquing On My Birthday

 Tim and I spent my birthday poking around several antique malls that we'd never shopped in before.  

I found these at the first place - 

This teacup is so unique that I had to add it to my collection!

And this book of One Hundred and One Famous Poems.  Its handy for quotes and I'll use it with Kyle.

At the second place I found these - 

I thought that this teacup was very unique, too!

And this book from the editors of Victoria Magazine published in 1999. 

I had a lovely day with Tim, dinner with some of my kids and grands, video chats with my two girls who live out of state, and my grands one of whom told her mom she wanted to Facetime because "I want to see her face." {precious}

To top the day off we all went to my parents and had dessert with them and Lindsay and Joseph.  I'm thankful for a sweet day.

Here's to a new year! I'm grateful for the life God has given me, and the precious gifts of family and friends!


  1. Lovely finds... My favorite tea cup is the one celebrating an anniversary (I think).

    You had the very finest sort of day honored by all whom you love near and far. ๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ‚

  2. What a perfect day! And two charming teacups too.

  3. Your birthday sounds just right!! Lots of love and sweetness, and even an antique mall and a few treasures! Yes, just right!! I love what your grandgirlie said. ❤

    Remember though, the month has just begun . . . more celebrating to do!

  4. Belated birthday wishes. I have a question about the book of poems. Who is it published by? Ones on Amazon show "by Roy Cook" which I assume means he collected them into one book. A few others list other names or publishers. I'd like to have one but don't know which to buy so was curious about the one you found.

  5. Now those are treasures indeed. Love the sailing ship teacup. What a lovely way to spend your birthday, Deanna. Here's wishing you a blessed and wonderful new year -- may it be filled with lots of sweet gifts and pleasures sprinkled generously throughout the year ahead.

    Happy week ahead....
    Brenda xo

  6. What gorgeous treasures!!! Perfect way to remember this birthday!

  7. Hi Deanna! Happy belated birthday! Mine was Sunday Oct 4th - when was yours?

    Love your found treasures! Especially those awesome teacups!


  8. Oh Deanna....what beautiful treasures....good choices...I loved them all/1 Glad you had a fun birthday!


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