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Friday, October 2, 2020

Great Autumn Outfits And What I'd Do To Make Them Work For Me

 I've found some great autumn outfits via Pinterest.  The trouble for me when looking for outfits is that models are usually tall and thin.  I'm not either of those things, but it's not hard to make a change or two to an outfit you see and make them work for you.

Beth from Style At A Certain Age  looks great while walking her dog.

I wouldn't need to adapt this outfit to make it work for me, though in reality, I would probably have a pair of walking shoes on and not boots.

This outfit also would not need to be changed at all, as long as my boots were a small heel or flat.

I love this navy cape/sweater and I think the whole outfit is very wearable.

The only change I'd make to Nikki's outfit, is to do a flat heel or bootie.  Also, I'd probably take this outfit as inspiration and copy it in a different color way.  

I already have jeans this color and a denim jacket.  I even have some striped tees.  How I would wear this look is with the tee untucked, and maybe a different bag. I'd also wear silver jewelry.

Here again I already have these clothing items in my closet.  I even have red shoes!

This outfit is cute, and you can adapt it to any color scheme you want.  You could even do a cute flat shoe (like the ones on Susan in the photo above) and it would be adorable.  The color possibilities in this outfit are endless.  Red vest with this outfit, or a solid shirt with a patterned vest.  Leggings instead of jeans. You get the idea.

I could definitely wear this outfit!  The only thing I'd change would be the necklace and handbag, and that is just do to personal taste.  This is my favorite color in the top, and if you don't like boots, you could wear flats.

This outfit is so cute and I like this color combination.  You could dress this down by adding a flat shoe or even a sneaker, and leggings.

This is the kind of outfit I like for every day.  At home, I wouldn't wear the boots, and if I wore boots with it I couldn't do that size heel with my back, so a flatter heel or a flat heel bootie.


This outfit is cute, cute, cute.  Very professional, but comfortable.  I could see teachers in this outfit, even with a change of shoe like a pair of Converse.

This outfit is wearable for dressier occasions or for casual. I'd wear a different heel for me, and when being casual I'd go with a cute sneaker.  If you don't like animal prints you could wear a plaid scarf with this, or a floral one.

Here are three friends who had tea together yesterday.  We were dressed in fall colors and were comfortable in our own styles.  I had brought a jean jacket with me, but didn't end up wearing it.  I also had dark grey leggings on and my skechers.

Heather (on the left) hosted us and had such an amazing array of food! It was all delightful, and I'm thankful for my time with these dear friends.

I hope this post gives you some inspiration for seasonal clothing that is both comfortable and stylish.  Speaking of stylish, right now I'm wearing leggings, a long sleeve wine colored tee shirt, and my new dark green sweatshirt from Old Navy!  I'm quite comfortable but not sure how stylish I am!

Have a great weekend friends!


  1. Love seeing you gals together! I never think about fashion, which, I am sure is obvious to anyone who sees me. LOL! I'd love to see you do a copycat with one of your favorites. Of those you've shown, my favorite is the third.

  2. I have gained too much weight I hate even thinking about getting new clothes. I do like some of those outfits.

  3. This was a fun post! I love looking at how women put outfits together and it was fun to hear your tweaks.

    And since I keep using the word "fun" (where are my words this morning?) . . . our outing on Thursday was lots of that! Heather hosted such a delightful and delicious tea and it was a treat to get together with both of you!

  4. It's always fun to see how others style outfits and then adapt to one's own wardrobe. I like several of the ones you've shown.

  5. Those looks like great friends! I think your tea time looks very special. Thanks for all the clothing ideas!

  6. I think you're the one that got me onto looking at Style At a Certain Age. I'm not good at putting together elements of an outfit, but you seem to have a good eye for that. Fun post and glad you ladies got together!


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