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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

On The Last Day Of September


It's 55 degrees this morning.  We had a heavy rain last night, which we've needed. Everything is glistening this morning.

In my garden, the morning glories are putting on a show and some of my roses are having one last hurrah as well.

You can see that it's time for the echinacea to be cut down.  The finches have really enjoyed the seed heads, and I know plenty of seeds were dropped and I will have more plants next year.

I plan to dig the roses up and replant them.  I believe I've planted them too high.  Tim is going to help me with that.

This weekend is my birthday, and I'm hoping to do something away from the house! I love to spend several days celebrating and I'm starting tomorrow by getting together with two friends.  Cheryl and I are both driving half way to another friends' home.  I'm thankful for my years of blogging and for the real friendships it has brought into my life.  I'll be sure to take photos.

Happy Wednesday, Friends! 


  1. Oh yay! You and Cheryl always have such a blessed time together. ☺️

    Your garden looks so romantical with the fence, the morning glories, and the roses. We had rain overnight and this morning. We are now left with cloudy skies and lots of wind. There go the leaves...whoosh. 🍂

  2. I love Morning Glories...just love them....hope you enjoy your Birthday...make it a good one!

  3. Happy Birthday!! Hope you celebrate all month long!
    Your garden is beautiful. I remember when you took a video of your drive home (a long time ago now)and I first heard your voice. Loved getting to meet you myself once!
    You will have such a good time visiting!

  4. Happy Birthday!! Enjoy the weekend!!


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