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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Happy Autumn!

 It's officially Autumn! Hurray!

The weather here has been delightful; chilly mornings and evenings with warm days.  I'm kind of surprised. September is often a hot month in Pennsylvania.

I really need to cut back the garden, but I'm going to let the morning glories go as long as they can.  They've been so beautiful in the garden in late summer, early autumn.

I worked on transitioning my spring/summer dishes to my autumn/winter dishes.  What? You don't have different seasonal dishes? {grin} In the A/W I use my Johnson Bros Friendly Village dishes.  I bought mine new a few years ago.  They are not the collectible ones, but being inexpensive allows me to have the pattern I like, and the ability to have seasonal dishes. {grin}

I'm loving the look of this throw blanket


It is in a favorite color of mine for Autumn, and it looks plush and cozy.  It comes in many colors.

I'm looking for flannel sheets for my California King bed, and I'm getting a duvet and insert.  I just have a coverlet on our bed and with the temperature changing I want to layer my bed in coziness.  

Do you have any favorite brands?  Of course if I could find a comforter to match my old pattern from Waverly in a king size I'd buy that and be happy! I keep looking at Ebay but so far no luck.  

This floral pattern is my all time favorite.  But it fit our double bed and got worn out in the many years I used it.  Its a soft gold background with reds, greens, taupes, and some pinks in the florals.

Waverly Harbor House Norfolk Rose Sonata are the search terms.  Ebay only has pillow shams right now.  One day maybe I'll find it!

Kyle and I will go and buy pumpkins and mums maybe tomorrow.  I'm going to go big with my outdoor display this year.  By big I mean big mums, and big pumpkins.  I want them to have an impact.

Have you decorated yet?

Friday we host the teens from our co-op for a campfire, s'mores and games.  I'm happy to host these great young people, and to be able to share hospitality again!

I'm rambling now and need to get a move on!

Happy Tuesday friends! The best season of the year is here!


  1. Oh, yes, if you are having the teens over, things will need to be autumn cozy. You and Kyle have fun this afternoon selecting those pumpkins and hay bales and mums and autumn candy. 😉

  2. I love your favorite floral pattern! It's my favorite, too. I found my pieces in thrift stores - including an apron!
    I bought BIG pumpkins for at home and will soon be getting some more mums. LOVE all things FALL! Only 7 more September Morns...

  3. Rambling is fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~smile~

    Glad for your nice weather. We are more north, and have been cool, but are slightly warming up, for a few days. Not too much, I hope. Having just switched the summer clothes, for warmer ones.

    I have decorated inside, but not outside. No mums yet. Even have to put wreath up!

    Long, long ago, when we first moved here, we put pumpkins out on front "stoop." We had little children and it was fun. But!!!! We live next to a college campus. *Someone* smashed the pumpkins in the road, at night!!!!!!! We always figured it was college students walking by.


    Never put decorations out again. ~pout~


  4. Love the floral pattern and colors! I have AUTUMN dishes and need to get them out to enjoy. Thanks for the reminder. I have decorated a tad but plan on doing more today. Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  5. I am excited for fall too. It's always exciting to make our homes (inside and out) match the season! Can't wait to see what you do with your BIG finds!

    I have done some decorating, but there is a little more to come. And then I change out a few things to add some Thanksgiving touches for November. Always tweaking.

    An outdoor fall party sounds like lots of fun! I know you're excited to host . . . it's in your blood!

  6. The nights are cool, but we've had fabulous weather-- not hot and sunny. It's just dawned on me that it's autumn and will think about some decorations in the next little while. Happy autumn!

  7. Fall is a wonderful time of year, although I always hate to see summer go. I don't do much decorating, just a few touches. I did purchase a big pot of mums for the front porch. Your outdoor party sounds like fun.


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