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Friday, September 25, 2020

Friday Five


These five are all from this week - 

1. Our first evening as a family of three.  

2. My Limelight Hydrangea were so pretty outside my bedroom window the other day.  The afternoon sunshine was making it hard to get a good photo of them.

3. Kyle and I spent about a half an hour at our local produce stand yesterday picking out pumpkins, mums, apples, and a few tomatoes.

4. Some apples were for Tim's lunches but some were bought for baking.  I surprised Tim with an English Apple Pie.  You can find the recipe {here}.

5. Fingers crossed that the chickens will leave the pumpkins alone.  These hens did last year, but previous groups of chickens pecked the poor pumpkins!

We are hosting a teen gathering here tonight.  It's outdoors and we'll have a nice campfire for roasting marshmallows, and providing warmth.  Kyle says they'll play hide and seek in the dark and ghosts in the grave yard.

I'll be enjoying some visiting time with a few moms.  It should be  great fun.


  1. Oh Deanna...this was such a lovely post....such warm and cozy it all..and oh honey...GHOSTS IN THE GRAVEYARD....this brings back memories of my childhood as well as the children....such fun times!

  2. Lovely, cozy table for three... Have a great harvest party tonight!

  3. Lovely photos...

    But I don't remember what you mean by "Family of 3" I take it, a young man is now living with you. A family member I suppose.

    Hope the chicken don't attack the pumpkins!!!! ~smile~ Our son next door, has chickens, and they can be interesting. They were digging and pecking at the _roots_ of a new rose bush this spring. It had to be moved, where they could not get at it. ~smile~


  4. I love your every photo....and the sentiment behind each one!

  5. Your evening with the teens and Moms sounds like lots of fun. Gathering around a fire with tasty treats, YUM! Love the hydrangeas, mums, apples and pumpkins, looks like FALL to me. Enjoy your weekend dear friend, HUGS!

  6. What a cozy vignette of your table for three. I know someone in this family who will be smitten with that apple pie recipe. It looks so delicious. It's cool and sunny here today. Very autumnal, perfect for snuggly sweaters and woolly socks. Wishing you a pleasant weekend, Deanne.

  7. Ah...lots of fall fun in your neck of the woods! That's so nice to hear.


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