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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

My New Aria Diffuser

 My Young Living Aria diffuser arrived last week and I've been enjoying it every day.

It can change colors, and if you want it can play spa type music.  I also can connect my phone to it and play my own music through it.

It's really pretty diffusing.  I've mostly been diffusing Citrus Fresh and Peppermint. 

I have it in the kitchen right now but am going to move it into the living room space.

I have had a lot of diffusers over the years, and I'm sure I'll use many more in the future, but this one is special.  It's currently sold out.  If you are interested in getting one contact me and I'll help you order through me, when they are back in stock.

We leave tomorrow for Emma's and then on Saturday we will be dropping Sarah off at school in SC. Prayers are appreciated for all of us, but today I'm thinking of Kyle.  He and Sarah are pretty close.  They look the most alike, and have a lot of common interests.  He will be the last kid at home, and I think he'll miss her a lot. 

Lindsay will be here hanging out with Watson, and doing animal care for our neighbor, too.

I won't be able to post for the rest of the week, but if you follow me on Instagram you'll see some photos of our time away.

Be strong and courageous my friends.  God is in control!


  1. It looks very modern and pretty...

  2. Diffuser.... Interesting...

    Be safe!!!!!!

    And it well may be hard, on the last one at home. :-) But you will help him through.

  3. Safe and happy travels to you . . . I hope you all have some wonderful moments of family time!! It is so hard to believe that Kyle will be an only child. I worried about Bekah when Kati got married, because they were close. She does miss her very much, but she also says that being an only child has its perks. :)

  4. Please...

    Tell me....

    Are you on only, "New" Blogger now?

    Like my Sig. Line.

    😰😱Did Blogger finally do it?????😰😱

  5. Love the colors! Mine has a light too:) Prayers for safe travels dear friend, HUGS!


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