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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Gifts From The Garden

 I have one Limelight Hydrangea bush.  One.

I bought it about three years ago for $12 at an Amish nursery. The only thing I do with it is cut flowers off of it in the summer and autumn. It's flowers are amazing.  Some are very big, others are smaller, but they are all beautiful.

We cut some the other day, and I put them in a large jar and stuck them on top of my great grandmothers china hutch, and a few on the back of the kitchen sink.

This bush is the gift that keeps on giving, and I'm grateful for each one.


  1. You are so lucky!!!!!!

    My husband planted several bushes in front of the front patio, years ago. First year, they were amazing. People who had gone by, would marvel at the display.

    2nd year, not so much.

    Ever since, nothing but lovely green leaves.

    He has tried EVERYTHING! And nothing has worked.

    This and sunflowers, have eluded his "Green Thumb".... ~sigh~

    So..... You are so lucky!!!! ~smile~


  2. It is lovely. My daughter has a couple of hydrangea bushes...small, but wonderful blush colors at the river. I am going to ask for a bouquet. Shameless I am.

  3. Your Hydrangeas are so gorgeous!

  4. Don't you love the bush that keeps on giving? Hydrangeas make great bouquets. I have two hydrangeas, one is a Snowball and the other is the kind if you apply the right food, which I do, the flowers turn Blue and Purple. Now you have me wanting to plant one like yours, the Limelight.

  5. The limelight flowers are beautiful and so varied in color. They make a lovely bouquet in your home. I have a number of hydrangeas, but no limelights. I wonder where I could fit one in?

  6. I really think they are the prettiest flowers!

  7. Who doesn't love hydrangeas!!! Nice!!!


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