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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Chickens And Pumpkins Don't Mix


Two of the hens decided that they just loved this pumpkin and one other pumpkin and just had to eat them. Someone mentioned the other day, that they thought it was carved!  Ha ha.  We have talented, pumpkin carving hens.  

I moved the two pumpkins they hadn't touched (yet) to my deck.  Interestingly they haven't done anything to the pumpkins on the front steps of the house.  This is all the more interesting because many of the hens lay in the garden daily.  

This is the latest to be added to the frustrating things about having free ranging chickens.  If they weren't laying eggs, they'd be on their way somewhere else.  

In happier news, the Young Living Aria diffuser is back in stock!

My Aria diffuser got a lot of attention when we hosted the teens on Friday and from the family who was here on Sunday.  Their little boys noticed the 'smoke' coming out of the diffuser.  

I took these photos this morning.  Its really grey out, and we are going to have rain this afternoon.  

If you are interested in getting an Aria diffuser they are only available in the the starter kits currently.  They can't keep them in stock, so they are limiting them to the Premium Starter Kit.  If you have an interest in getting a PSK let me know and I can help you out!

Today I am diffusing Orange, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, and Clove.  It smells so good in here!  It cheers me to have the house smell great, and I love knowing that I'm not bringing toxins into the house to do it!


  1. Sorry about that pumpkin!🎃. The description of that scent sounds wonderful... I'm going to have to improvise here.😊

  2. Those chickens were just making a little birdhouse...isn't it cute? ☺️

  3. Ha, those chickens, smiles. Hope your having a great day. smiles

  4. Oh my goodness! Yes, you do have some pumpkin carving hens. They do neat work too!


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