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Thursday, September 24, 2020

Autumn Favorites List


This is SO me, and in the spirit of this quote I thought I'd share a favorite things I like about Autumn.

1. Fall Foliage Day Trip

2. Sit outside as much as possible

3. Decorate outside with pumpkins and mums.

4. Reading under my maple trees.

5. Eating dinner under the lights in the maple trees.

6. Hosting an autumn tea.

7. Having lots of campfires.

8. Enjoying new autumn diffuser scents in my cottage.

9. Putting the garden to bed for the year.

10. Drinking our favorite local apple cider!

11. Making a beeswax candle.

12. Wearing my scarves.

13. Getting out the plaid blankets.

14. Putting flannel sheets on the beds.

15. Enjoying the days getting shorter.

16. Wearing boots.

17. Hosting our annual Fall Fest.

18. Celebrating my birthday!

19. Celebrating our other autumn family birthdays!

20. Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner at our home.

21. Knitting or Crocheting.

What are your Autumn favorites?


  1. Living in the NE, watching the progression of Autumn Leaf Change. :-)

    The coziness of earlier evenings.

    The coziness of everything, in Autumn!

    Fire in the fireplace.

    Decorations up.

    More faerie lights, than usual.

    Being able to use the oven again, without turning on A/C.

    The delicious Witchy Vibes I get, at this time of year. Which wrap up all the coziness, into them.


  2. And wearing my corduroy long dresses again!!!!


  3. A trip to the apple orchard is so enjoyable that I may have talked myself into it today.

    Who could argue with your likes?

  4. I like many of the things on your list! Autumn birthdays, Thanksgiving, a plethora of pumpkins and gourds, cooler temps . . . love fall!!

  5. I like your list of Autumn favorites, Deanna. The golden Aspens are my favorite thing about Autumn here in Colorado. Second would be the joy of sipping a hot cup of coffee, snuggled in my favorite chair with my throw. Hugs.


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