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Friday, October 23, 2020

I Found Parsons Chairs At A Used Furniture Store

 I went furniture shopping with Rachel yesterday, and while she didn't find any of the items she is on the look out for, I unexpectedly did!

Garden Spot furniture in New Holland is a treasure trove of really good used furniture.  They are closed on Wednesdays because they are buying at sales on that day, and when they reopen on Thursdays, buyers for nice used furniture stores in high end areas come and snatch up much of the treasure. However, while we were looking around, I saw a pair of matching Parsons Chairs and decided to check them out.  

Parsons Chairs had been on my mental 'find' list, and I was thrilled at the price of $65 for BOTH!  A quick consultation with Tim and they were put into the back of my van.

Here is how they looked in the store - 

With the bright florescent overhead lights they were putting of a very grey tone, but I know you can find decently priced slip covers so I wasn't worried about it.  They were in excellent shape and that was my main concern.

However when I got them home, they are much more of a warm tone in my home and blend in well with the overall style and colors in my home.  I won't need to buy covers for them any time soon.

I took these photos this morning and it's foggy and grey out. I edited the photos to brighten them but didn't change the color of the chairs.

Now when we linger at the table or play games, I won't be so stiff when I get up off of the hard dining chairs, and Tim is a lot more comfortable, already doing his paperwork at the table.

I'm so grateful to find these chairs!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. What a great find! I used to sit in my kitchen chairs to do paperwork or write on my computer and my back got stiff after a while, too. It was game changing when I added upholstered chairs at my kitchen table and desk. I thought it was just because I was old(er!)...hahaha...but the kids love them and fight over them now, too! They're just more comfy. Enjoy yours, they're beautiful!

  2. What a fantastic find and wow what a great price. They look so comfortable. I know what you mean by hard chairs. I am getting so stiff when I get up from sitting. Good find.

  3. I am excited for you about your great find . . . and a bargain at that!! Win-win! You and Tim will appreciate their comfort for years to come!

  4. They do look wonderfully comfortable. And they are very attractive, too. Excellent find for an excellent price.

  5. How fun to find something that fits so well with your decor.

  6. That's a great find! They look very comfortable.

    I know in our local antique mall, sometimes you can find good furniture at prices much cheaper than people realize. I've only been in it a couple times over the summer but there were good bargains around since it seems people are not buying much these days. On my first visit after they opened again, I found a Pyrex bowl I've had my eye on for a long time on sale 30% off. That put it in the range that I was willing to pay for a bowl.

  7. Yay! What a blessing to find something comfortable, beautiful and a great price!

  8. What a great find. I had my grandmother's dining room chairs recovered and still use them. They're very sturdy and comfortable, and I love knowing family has been using them for over eighty years. Take care!


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