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Friday, January 15, 2021

Comments From Unknown

 When I started, on occasion to post, about the election, I began to receive comments from 'unknown.'  The first comment I simply deleted, but have since received seven other comments. I have received two other comments from people who don't like the president, one used their name, the other just used 'me.' All are no-reply commenters which means I can not email them back and have conversation. I am not interested in arguing with anyone. However, I would like to address a few issues that 'unknown' has mentioned.

Yes, I do know why they hate the President so much. Because he's a cruel, heartless, evil idiot. Put on your big girl panties and admit that Biden WON the election and he is our next President. A fair and square election not the imaginary hoax you claim it to be. There's no voter fraud, no sworn testimonies, no examinations of machines. Just you living in a fantasyland along with that evil, orange idiot that passes himself off as a human being. Can't wait until he's gone."

I'm not sure how you can have been on any social media or real news since November 3rd and not seen that their has been massive voter fraud in key states. One of those states in Pennsylvania. Our state legislature has been working hard to fight all along the way, but our governor, the state Secretary of the Commonwealth, and our state supreme court all have over ridden (against the commonwealths constitution btw) the legislature. 

This is not easy information to find online if you use g**gle, but a quick search on Duck, Duck Go and you find articles like this.

On my "Be Of Good Courage Post" {here} I got this comment - 

"Oh boy you have really showed your true racist colors on your blog and it's not even a little pretty. What an ignorant woman you turned out to be. if you have proof that this dictator wannabe stole the election maybe you can contact all the conservative judges and the conservative supreme court judges that tRump appointed who have thrown out his false claims because there is no proof. I'm sure they'd be glad to hear you have proof. Or maybe Brad Raffensperger who is also a republican. see where I'm going here? So far tRump has shown himself to be a coward by not resigning and Mike Pence has shown himself to be a coward by not invoking the 25th amendment against this fraud of a president. But have no fear Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the democrats have enough guts to get the job done and impeach this loser for a second time. I'm sure you'll be so very proud of him. Your president is the only president in the history of this country to be impeached twice. And rightly so since his band of insurrectionists were listening to what their cult leader was calling on them to do. What a disgrace this man(child) is. What a disgusting display on our capitol. So we find ourselves counting down the days until this monster is out of office and hopefully he will never be able to run for public office again. Good riddance to that entire shameful administration and his family of frauds. So please stop with the lies, you are embarrassing yourself. Enjoy spouting off your conspiracies and hate on Parler while you can as I'm sure it won't be around for long. And by the way, removing tRump from twitter was the best decision they ever made. We don't need to hear his hateful rhetoric a minute more. Thank you twitter. You have my permission to share my views."

Here is a comment from my post called Peace

"Peace eternal in a nation united. I so pray this for our nation as well. In one week we will have an administration that will work to unite our country and not divide us into black/white democrats/republicans as the current president has done for four years. As you well know by now the great divider in chief was impeached today for a 2nd time in his presidency. The only president in the history of our country to be impeached twice. He did not succeed in turning the election in his favor as he's been trying desperately to do since he lost in Nov. by sending his insurrectionists to try and take over the capitol. What a disgusting display from a bunch of racists. Thank you Nancy Pelosi for caring enough about our country to make sure this orange, bloated dictator wannabe didn't get away with it by impeaching him. She and the democrats and 10 very brave republicans made sure of that. Next we have a trial to make sure this evil, fraud is never allowed to run for any public office ever again and then we shall be free of this madman forever. Then we begin to heal our nation. But first he must pay. A trial and then strip him of all his presidential priviledges. So glad Twitter banned him permanently or else he'd be tweeting away about how unfair the democrats are like the sniveling coward we all know him to be never taking any blame. You have no one to blame but yourself for your 2 impeachments and your failed presidency. Sorry your attempted coup didn't work you sniveling coward and you're where you deserve to be. On your way OUT!!! Good riddance!!!"

{Here} is an article to read regarding the capitol on January 6th.  There has been more on Tw*tt*r and Insta, including video footage from Antif* who filmed their actions and posted them online. One man has now been arrested.  Also arrested is a left-wing activist who happens to be the son of a Brooklyn NY judge. {here}

I don't know why UNKNOWN keeps coming back to see what I've posted. Most of the comments are directed to the president and since he doesn't read my blog, he won't see them!  I would say go comment on his twitter page but he's been banned, but I think he has a Gab account so Unknown could go there and comment directly to him!

Blogger only gives three options for commenting - anyone (including anonymous commenters), g**gle users only, and members only.  That is not a lot of options. I use the g**gle users only option, as I am not interested in a private blog at this point, but it allows comments from spammers, and people like Unknown as long as they have g**gle accounts.

I use comment moderation because I don't like spam and I don't want to clutter up my blog with negative comments.

This blog is a place for Encouragement, Hospitality, and Friendship and those who want that can find it here. It is not a place of hatred or racism, or spiteful comments. 

I will not post any comments from this person again, but since I was not able to reply to this person in a private manner, I am taking this ONE post to address it.

Uknown, if you want to read about my latest knitting project, or furniture rearrangement, book I've read, or recipe I've made, then please feel free to visit my blog.  But if you just want to rail about the president, please take it elsewhere.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. The "unknown" comments are quite unlovely. Thank you for your beautiful and inspiring blog that has encouraged me in Godly ways for years now.

  2. It's sad that some people are so eaten up with unreasoning hatred. On instagram, I saw a comment on a cross stitch group(!) that sounded much like these. It doesn't matter what is said to them, they will not hear it. "There are none so blind as those who will not see." I really enjoy your blog whether it's about a recipe, knitting or politics!

  3. Oh my:( I don't allow anonymous comments, that works for me. Enjoy your day, sending HUGS, PRAYERS and POSITIVE THOUGHTS YOUR WAY

  4. That was some hate-filled commentary. I think you have handled it well.

    I had not realized that our options with comments are so limited these days. I have been railing against the filth coming in. I have to deal with it one comment at a time. Talk about evil and vile. 😖 Seems as if bl00ger could make some positive changes.


  5. I have appreciated the things you have said about the election and the way you have said them. I have found your posts to be thoughtful and gentle in tone.
    When we disagree, we need to be civil and not resort to name calling. It’s not right when either side does it. That is not productive - or loving.
    When I have challenged people to give me specifics about Trump, I never get a response back. It is very easy to make accusations. When the first poster said that Trump is a cruel, heartless, evil idiot, I would like to know the specifics for that statement. Without specifics, there can be no discussion. Perhaps, given enough information and a discussion, I might even be convinced that that statement is true. But you will never convince me without facts to back up what you are saying.
    About the ‘insurrection’ at the capital, I have read many first hand accounts of what people saw - some of them from people that I personally know and trust. Those accounts do not match in anyway what we are being told. I have watched videos of things that happened. Much of what we are being told just did not make sense to me. Many of the videos from that day are not available anymore. To question anything or want more information so you can determine the truth, doesn’t seem to be allowed anymore.
    I think that the goal of both sides is a better America. This is a good goal and I think when we interact with others, it’s good to remember at least that much. Sadly, though, I see that one side is taking a path that has proven time and time again in history not to work.


  6. "Most of the comments are directed to the president and since he doesn't read my blog, he won't see them!"

    You never know. He could read your blog!

    These are probably all from one person. They sound like it.

  7. well written, friend.
    i know you took ample time, prayer, consideration in how
    your response met the issue at hand.

  8. I read your responses, but quickly tired of wading though the swampy morass of the comments. They are a waste of time, and nothing we can't read in our local paper and watch on local/national news these days.
    Your posts have expressed your opinion kindly and graciously, with plenty of credible sources.

  9. I am so sorry you have had to deal with this awful person! WHY?? Why does she target YOU?? I think she is jealous. I think she is desperately unhappy. I do not believe she has a real relationship with our Lord and Saviour. She has such deep issues. You know what? She needs us to pray for her. And that's what I am going to do. Deanna, I am so proud of you and the light that you shine in the World of Blog. People are drawn to your light. People who NEED light. However, YOU do not need THIS!!! You can't stop her from reading. She NEEDS to read your blog. But you CAN stop her comments. It's up to you.....

  10. Well "unknown" decided to visit me also and leave a very aggressive and angry her words are....poor dear seems to have only reflects on the person saying the words...........perhaps a lost soul? Isn't it a wonderful feeling to be on the side of goodness, peace and kindness? Hugs Deanna!

  11. AH, yes...I have had a few of those too...and I am so sorry.
    Your posts have always been uplifting, kind etc. Thank you for having such a lovely blog. smiles

  12. Deanna, you have great patience. It's unfortunate that these readers who disagree with you have resorted to insults and name calling instead of taking the opportunity to engage in discussion that would benefit everyone, especially themselves. I find it interesting that the incoming administration talks about healing and reconciling all Americans while they spew hatred and want revenge on anyone and everyone who thinks differently than they do. Exactly which Americans are they talking about? Deanna, keep on being the woman of grace and integrity that we know and love. Don't allow unhappy, vengeful people to control the narrative. If you feel called to address these issues, please do so. You will always have my support. God bless you and keep you. Hugs.


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