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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Cozy Winter Bedroom

 There is nothing I like better in the winter than to climb into a warm and cozy bed at night!  The key for me is in the layering for warmth, but also of texture and interest.

The first three photos are from my own bedroom in the past few years, and then ideas from Pinterest.

In each of the photos you can see layers of bedding, differing patterns, lots of pillows, quilts, comforters.  All of them, regardless of style, say cozy to me.

What is says cozy to you?  

ps - if you are a regular commenter here and would like to talk about the electi*n, leave me a comment.  In the comment leave me your email address so that I can respond to you. I have some thoughts but will not be putting them on the blog at this time. Thanks!  If I don't recognize you as a regular commenter, then I will not respond to you.


  1. Good morning! I am a reader but have not commented on your blog before. I appreciate and agree with what you have shared about your thoughts on the el*ction. This is my email address: Thank you for being brave to share your thoughts! Blessings, Shirley in beautiful Washington state

  2. I think we have similar tastes in "Cozy" -- I could live in any of these bedrooms. I do love that quilt on the end of the bed in the second to last photo. Exquisite.

  3. The layered bedding is really a cozy statement. Lots of comforters and pillows in a dimly lit room says much.

  4. A comforter and quilt to crawl under at the end of the day are what I call cozy! I love the warm colors in your bedroom!

  5. I am all about warm and cozy!! My two favorite words! My bed is so layered!! Flannel sheets from October to April and nice high count cotton the rest of the year. I like to think of our bed as a nest......

  6. I love your the way your bed looks, it's so cozy! You know that I'm all about the red, but that blue bedding is so pretty! I also love the print above your bed. Is it a special house?

  7. Oh, they do look cozy and inviting! Hmmmm . . . I think there's a lot more I could do to cozify our winter bedroom. Inspiration!

  8. Our bedrooms should be our sanctuary for peaceful rest and renewal...I love quilts in all the bedrooms and beautiful sheets...with a scent of lavender. Especially in winter...warm hugs Deanna!

  9. I love that last photo particularly. I love the layered bedding at some of the places we have stayed, and should think about doing that here at home, but it seems we are always throwing off the covers! I do love the look, though.


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