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Monday, January 25, 2021



I did end up going to Hobby Lobby on Friday and getting some knew yarn. I'm enjoying working on this simple knit hat with this beautiful varigated yarn in blues, greys, and white.  

Our weekend was a very good one. This past year, my extroverted-ness really struggled, at times, due to not being able to be with friends.

On Saturday Tim, Kyle, and Nate helped Lindsay and Joseph move into their house! Here is a photo from the listing. It's a small house, so the open floor plan in the main living area is great. That conservatory room is perfect for my daughter who is a plant lover.

Saturday evening, we were invited to our sweet friends' home. We hadn't been together for nearly a year. 

Sunday we went to church and then home to eat lunch with Wes and Rachel and our friend Denny, and our grandgirls who go to church with us every week.

In the evening we were invited to the home of friends from church. They farm and in one of their outbuildings they have a gathering room. We had a potluck dinner together and got to know another couple from church, who we didn't know well.  We had a really good time.

This weekend filled my cup of friendship and of hope. Your emails and comments were a blessing to me from my Friday post.  

This week we don't have a lot going on.  We are in the slow period of work in Tim's profession, but are praying for some work. Kyle and I will be finishing up his science curriculum this week or next. 

Be of good courage, friends.  God is with us.


  1. I am happy that your cup was filled this weekend!! Isn't it funny how things we once took for granted (easy in-person visits and gatherings . . . without a thought!) have become special treats?! I had a new-ish church friend over for coffee on Friday and it felt so special!

  2. Oops . . . clicked "publish" before I was ready . . .

    Congrats to Lindsay and Joseph on the purchase of their new house! May they have many joyful moments within its walls!

  3. So happy for Lindsay and Joseph. Their new home is beautiful. I hope they'll let you share when they have it set up. I'll smile for them real big. 😁

    It must have been wonderful to get together with family and friends. Healing for body, mind, and spirit.

  4. What a lovely home for the couple! How exciting to establish a new home and make it their own.


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