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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

This Is About More Than A Four Year Election


If you don't want to hear my thoughts about the election and things happening regarding it, please feel free to skip this post.  I'm not offended in the least.  I know some of you do that already, and that's really fine. 

I do have an "unknown" commenter who comments everytime I mention the election, even if I just say I'm praying about it.  I find this fascinating that this "unknown" person would take the time to comment only on posts about the election and only talks about the president. Feel free to pass this post by "uknown."

As my post is titled, I truly believe that this election is about more than just a re-election of a president.  These last four years have awakened many people to the depths of corruption that has been hidden for many years.

This election has shown that their is plenty of evidence for voter fraud, {here} is a link to an article about my state only.  In Georgia 93.67% of ballots had issues being counted and had to be adjudicated.  How can this be possible?  That's almost 100%!

If we can't trust our election process to be fair then we are done as a nation.

We've seen this year, that the ruling elite don't care about us, that we are mere revenue streams for them (through our taxes), that when we send foreign aid to other countries that money often gets filtered back to politicians and others (money laundering). 

 We have wondered for years why certain politicians or judges, or other elites seem to get away with criminal activities. These last few years we've found out - it's because they are all complicit.  Many have been blackmailed. 

There is a group of people who have been waking Americans (and other peoples) up, making us aware of the trafficking, and evil that has happened for many years.  I believe that this group of people is trying to save our nation, and in a sense the world, from the darkness of evil.

They also want to give the nation back to the people. They've reminded us that we are not slaves to politicians, they work for us.  

There is more I can say, but I will end by asking you to consider some of the things I've said, and do the research.  Try Duck, Duck Go or Ecosia as a search engine. Don't look to the Legacy Media to give you truth. They have been only espousing their own beliefs for many years.

These next few weeks are going to be pretty shocking, I think.  I believe information about people will come out (and its already coming out) that will be very hard to hear. 

This is not just about getting DJT a second term. It's about saving America. Have you seen the rallies this year around the world for Trump and America?  I have, and I've heard the people saying if America falls the whole world falls.

Keep praying friends.

If you're interested in the anonymous comments I've received I'd be happy to share them with you privately.


  1. Agree with you Deanna.Pray,pray, and pray more.Thank you for speaking truth.The Lord is in control.Bless you,Dawn E.Brown

  2. i've been following the course of events, my soul being rocked and shocked with what i've learned. our nation is at a tipping point which can go either way depending on God's will. i do believe He has enabled truth to come to light with increasing fervency. thank you for sharing what you've learned here and other locations in the social media world. so appreciated. i read when i can .. er .. when i have the stomach to do so. you know what i mean. hugs... and love. praying.

  3. Well said, Deanna. I pray everyday that God protect us from the corruption in our government. Blessings, Belinda

  4. I did what I could, and that was vote for Trump, the best president we have ever had. (I am 81, and I remember those past). Now, the only thing left for me to do,is pray. And I pray every day, for Trump to have 4 more years, to keep Trump and his family safe, and I pray for our great country.

  5. I agree completely, Deanna. This is a fight between good and evil, between liberty and socialism or even communism. It is really sad the censorship and corruption that is keeping this information from people.

    Praying for our country constantly. God is able to turn this around. In His grace and mercy, I pray that He will.

  6. I'm totally with you Deanna. We must pray! Our very Life is at stake.
    I'm here from Linda Chapman's blog Linda's Journal.
    Love her and how the Lord takes care of her.
    Sue of photowannabe

  7. I don't want to read your post, but I am with you 1000%. I just don't want to read or think about it, but have a peaceful evening and reach tomorrow when it comes. Tomorrow is not just about the Electoral College and Congress. It is also Epiphany. Isn't that interesting?

  8. I totally agree. I have been praying and pleading with God to deliver us out of the hands of the enemy. And we do have enemies.
    "Lord, there is none beside thee to help." II Chronicles 14:11 We NEED God to deliver us and I am not ashamed to say that I pray every day that God will have mercy on our country.
    I am proud of you, Deanna, for your courage and for your encouragement. I'm sorry you have had to deal with the 'Unknown.'

  9. Amen! (I'll pass on the Awoman 😏)

    Well said, Deanna. If I were to quibble it would be in your use of "years." I'd say, "decades." And in some instances, centuries.

    I used to wonder, because I am so gullible, how politicians arrived in Washington with very little and left multi-millionaires.
    My own senator has, though not quite as wealthy as others like the chick from the West Coast. "Follow the Money" is a good idea...always!
    The vast majority are all corrupt.

    The scariest thing is that communism has been here with us for decades and has infiltrated all levels of government and education. Now
    that country would like to have a physical presence as well. They've been buying up farmland from Texas all the way north to the Canadian
    border. And don't get me going on the canadian government allowing them to play war games, etc., in their country, Disgusting!

    🙏🏼Praying is now or never.

  10. You know I care.

    Perhaps you do not know, that I do not have any religion. So it is very difficult for me to hear people, saying that praying will deliver us.

    Only we, will deliver us.

    And the powers of Globalism and Marxism, have been laying this scenario, for years...

    While the Citizens of the United States, have not been paying attention.

    Not listening, to those who seek the facts.

    And now...

    And now....

    And now, I will continue to listen to Bill O'Reilly. Whom I trust to dig for the Truth.

    To be prepared as best one can be, to weather this Storm.

    This Storm, which is in place, and will play out.

    No matter how much praying is done.

    I am not trying to offend anyone. Simply saying my views, in the gentlest way I can state them.

    Please, take no offense.

    I am not "watching" today/Jan. 6, 2021.

    My blood pressure will not allow me to.


  11. I will be praying constantly for our Nation in turmoil. I can't believe what we are seeing but we really shouldn't be surprised! 2020 was bad! I am shocked and saddened at the way 2021 has started:( Sending HUGS and PRAYERS your way!

  12. I see you have a lot of people who agree with you. Let me voice a disagreement without arguing. There have been many court cases where the evidence was presented and the courts found that there was no widespread fraud. To believe that the election was rigged you would have to think that in all those states that Biden wond everyone, all the people counting and tabulating the votes, all the people checking the signatures, all those local people in all those many states had conspired together for a Biden win. When you think about it you can see that it defies reason. In Georgia the official went point by point and negated everyone of the conspiracies. Why is it so hard to believe the truth and the evidence. Even Narr said it was the fairest election. Can you find space in your mind to doubt what the president is saying since he has told so many falsehoods in the past? Please be careful about what you believe. Our democracy depends on it.

  13. Dear Deanna, From time to time I do drop in and read your blog. I am trusting God and I believe His word. This election drama continues to unfold with great unrest. I'm very concerned about what the next march will be like. When our President says we're just beginning, what does this mean?

  14. I just happened upon your blog. I appreciate your honesty. The world has been intentionally turned upside down! Hopefully, with the G7 members agreeing to a Global Tax structure... it signals the fast approaching One World Government. Christians know what’s coming soon. God bless.


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