500th Post Give Away!

Okay, even though I don't have everything together yet, I wanted to show you the main gifts in my 500th post give away!

This is a Royal Albert "Old Country Roses" variation tea cup. I collect these, I don't have this one, I WANT it! Can I put my name into the drawing?

This photo shows the teacup and saucer in their box and a box of PG Tips Tea. I will be sending you a box of my favorite tea, as well! I will also send you directions for making a perfect cup or pot of tea!
I have a few other little treats in mind as well, but for now, please leave me a comment about the favorite thing you have read or seen on my blog. I will put all your names into the drawing and have Kyle draw a name out on Monday!

I am looking forward to your comments! And to giving away some of my favorite things!


  1. What wonderful gifts....
    I love your whole blog..I think I like seeing all the re-decorating and painting, the colors you choose and your love for the Lord...you are a blessing...
    Congrats..I am having a giveaway too in the next few days..watch for it..
    IF I win, come visit me in person and teach me to make tea...I love PG tips...

  2. I can't choose my favorite thing about your blog.

    I love the variety of things you post about. I feel like I've gotten to "know" you through your posts about homeschooling, daily life, funny kid stuff, homemaking, spiritual stuff-and all the rest.

    I must say I would need the tea tutorial if I were to win. I just dunk a tea bag into hot water and take it out when it looks good. And I've never even heard of PG Tips tea. Sigh-I guess I should get out more. LOL My favorite tea is Good Earth Sweet and Spicy (even though it gives me heartburn).

    I'll be quiet now that I've written a blog post as a comment. ;-)

  3. I love the way you share your love for your family and the Lord, Deanna. Your love and kindness shine through!

  4. I'd have to say my favorite thing to see on the blog is all the sweet pictures of my cousins! I feel more connected to you and your family even though we still live so far apart. I love "visiting" you every day!

  5. well Being that I'm new to your blog it would have to be the field trip. It made me be inspired where I can head off with the kiddos.

  6. Are you giving away rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens? These are a few of my favorite things!!!

    Beautiful cup!! I agree with Karen, a tutorial on tea making is in store if not for the winner, for us all!! I dunk the tea bag too!

    I was privy to this give a way! Thanks for the offering!!

  7. Simply put - I love how you share from your heart. It speaks to many.

    Bless you.

  8. My favorite thing to see on your blog is family pictures. It is so fun to see how your family enjoys being together.

    Becky K.

  9. I love the glass pumpkins! They are beautiful. Please enter me in your drawing.

  10. wow, 500!!! That's huge!! I just hit 100:) Congrats

  11. I really like looking at your family pictures with comments. Many of them bring back memories of when my little girl was young. We used to do so many fun things together.

    BTW, the glass pumkins are sooo awesome! Wish I was there. :)

  12. Well, I just visited your blog for the first time....yesterday......but remember, I DO love your music choice you have on there. HA!

    Your photos are really great too.....and I will have to catch up on your older posts to learn more about you.

    Loving that teacup though. I will say that. I haven't seen that style before.....:~)
    It's very pretty.
    Thanks for your giving heart!
    Be blessed,

  13. I can not pick just one thing.. I love it all....

  14. well thank you for offering a gift to a fellow blogger!

    I am amazed at those glass pumpkins, something I've never seen. Thats a display I would have loved to seen.

    Im telling you where I live-it seems I'm missing out on so much beauty.

  15. I love all of your blog! I visit because it's such a cozy, comfortable, hospitable place to visit! I think you've done a wonderful job sharing so many "family" outings with your readers.
    Keep up the good work.
    Marilyn in NM


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