Harvest Party

We had so much fun last night! The families of our church are a lot of fun, and they are really good cooks!

Grandmas Georgia and Ruth getting their plates together - then they went out to the campfire and cooked their hot dogs.

See the happy smile?

I captured the apple bobbing - it must be out of style because none of these delightful young people had ever done it before!

Here Kyle is pointing out the best apple to go for....

His advice was taken and the apple sought....

And captured!

Next Mikey takes the plunge...

And comes up victorious!

Many others bobbed and captured their apples.....Emily,


Some had to work hard.....

Almost had it!


Lindsay plunges right into the cold water....

and comes up with the prize!

It was a delightful night, perfect weather - cool, not cold, and great fellowship.

Wish you were here, well, maybe next time!


  1. Very cute pics!! You are a great host!!

  2. Thanks again for opening up your home for this event. It was a true success, even if you all did keep desserting me:)


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