Saturday, November 22, 2008

I Tried, I REALLY Did!

I have been trying to hold off on posting about Christmas until after Thanksgiving. It has been so hard. Christmas is my favorite time of year.
Reading other peoples posts about preparing for Christmas has been torture, because it makes me want to post, so I am giving in. I am going to start posting about Christmas. After all, I have been working at home on Christmas for quite sometime now.

I wanted to show you several things I have been working on for gifts.

I have been working on knitting two shawls for a few months now. I am showing Lindsay's red one in progress, and not showing Emily's as the color of hers is showing up as purple on my camera and not the truly beautiful color it is!

Please ignore the blankets on the floor - the little girls slept on the floor in my room last night.

Next I am nearly finished with an apron for my mom. Yes, she knows about it, I started it just for a gift for her and put it away in a drawer and then forgot about it. So I told her I was finishing it for Christmas. She will get something else, also.

I have been working on fabric bags for the girls. I made this one last Saturday, thinking it would be for Emily, but it turned out smaller than I wanted so it will be going to a little sister instead.

Here is the inside - loving the contrast of fabrics.

Now that I have posted, the dam has been broken and there are many things I plan still on sharing, like my Advent Calendar, aprons for the little girls, decorating.....someone please stop me!


  1. You are doing well Auntie Dee!! The bag is cute! I am not gonna be the one to stop ya cuz I love, love, love Christmas too!!!! ;-)

  2. Oh why not. When it snows how can you keep from sharing? We all like to hear so bring it on Sister!

  3. We received the advent calendar you sent us! Elijah wanted to start opening it right away! =) So we're looking forward to Dec.1st so we can start it. Thanks again!


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