A great perk of my older kids working at this adventure farm (corn maze, giant slides, pumpkin slingers, animals, giant jumping pillows, etc) is that our whole family can get in for free.

The other day the farm was open for school groups only, but we got to go in and do some fun things for the little ones. It is probably the last trip for this year as the farm closes for the season, on Saturday. We also were there before the school groups arrived and the kids did everything they wanted to before the groups got there, so it was like having the place open just for us!

Emily was working the slide, so she helped Kyle with the slide.

Here Rachel has joined him and they are headed down!

Here they come!

Wouldn't you know that when I went to snap the last photo of their happy faces at the bottom, my batteries died! Ugh!
They did this slide about 3 times before heading over to the giant pillow, where Lindsay was working, to jump!
I am blessed that the older kids and the younger kids have such love and affection for one another. They all had such a fine time together!


  1. Ohhh!!!! I wish I could take a trip down that slide! It looks like so much fun. What a blessing to have the place to yourselves for a while.

  2. Okay that slide looks so fun!!! I would totally go down it!

  3. I went down the same slide with Miss Rachel!! It was fun!!!!

    A great season of work Rabes!! Maybe Kaitlin can work with you next year! She wants to come there. She has even looked at schools!!


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