Monday, November 17, 2008

This and That

I have been trying to get my photos downloaded. Sharing a computer with your family takes patience. Also I have been busy with stuff, and haven't spent any computer time. Well, I did sit down Saturday night to download the photos, and my computer informed me that one of the drives was nearly out of space so it needed to make room. There were lots of temporary files etc, to clean out - great! What a smart computer! EXCEPT I couldn't do anything else!

It really was ok - I needed to just go to bed.

I did alot of sewing on Saturday - I made a fabric bag for one of my little girls Christmas gifts. It turned out great! I also made peasant style tops for Lindsay and Emily using this pattern.

I basically use view A, but I don't put the elastic in the sleeves and for Emily's I used the longer length! Oh, and we also lower the elastic to the natural waistline instead of under the bustline.

Here are my girls in their new shirts.

Here are a few photos from the concert:

These girls are the 7-Ups ensemble. They were great and did an awesome version of "In Christ Alone." It brought cheers and tears to our eyes. Emily is in the front row 2nd from the left.

These are some of the squirrelly 4th-6th grade boys. They sang their hearts out! They made me cry too!

This is my sweet Rachel.

Now I must run. Have lovely day, we actually have some blue sky showing! It is chilly again though...just as fall should be. Medieval history is calling....


  1. Hi! Love all the photos. I'm a visual person, so photos galore for me! The blouses are cute! I do believe I remember wearing similar ones back in my high school days - 70's.
    I too am sharing my lap top with my son and hubby since our desktops motherboard fizzled out! That is one reason I don't seem to post everyday.
    Have a blessed evening!

  2. Great job on the shirts. They seem happy with the outcome too.

  3. Thanks for showing the pictures! The girls look nice and I think Emily is going to pass up Lindsay!

    I think I saw a picture of Sarah in Becky's pictures.

    I am happy to hear everything went well!!


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