Monday, November 3, 2008

My Thoughts On The Election

I have remained silent on my blog regarding the election.

That does not mean that I have not been following the election - I am a political junkie at times. I have watched while a relatively unknown has risen in his party from a Community Organizer, to state office, to Keynote Speaker at the 2004 Democratic Convention, to freshman Senator to Presidential Candidate. That is a pretty amazing feat and the fact that he beat Hillary Clinton in the process shows he has some very powerful backers. The fact that is has been done is such a short amount of time is incredible.

I have watched while the mainstream media lost their credibility of being neutral - I have watched them ignore connections and recorded events of this candidate that they would have crucified the other side for even a hint of....

I have watched while the party that used to be Reagan conservative lost its way - they have gone toward bigger government as well. They do not have the moral backbone to do what is right, that is how they lost their majority in the house and senate in 2006 - and now are on the verge of giving the Democrats a super majority in the senate - think anything positive is going to come out of our government in the next several years?

I have watched a man who seemed to been on the liberal side become the hope of the party to keep us from Socialism. He chose a highly qualified Governor as a running mate, an evangelical, pro-life, expert on energy....Sarah Palin. This has opened a can of worms for many who say that Biblically a woman shouldn't hold a civil office. This has all been new to me - I know that Scripture teaches that a woman shouldn't be in authority over a man - I was always taught that it referred to in the church - I have never considered before whether it referred to civil office.

I have been pondering all these things.

I have grown concerned over the years with how so much of the evangelical church has gone so "seeker friendly", that the believers look and act so much like the seekers....I have grown concerned over how many believers are voting for a very left leaning, socialist because he looks and sounds so intelligent, and he says "change" a lot. I believe people want change - but the change that we need as a people is not going to be found in this man.

The America that was founding on religious freedom, freedom of expression, freedom of speech is going away - that poor plumber who found himself vilified for asking a candidate a question is just such an example. With this candidate any questioning of his policies etc, has been labelled "racist". Here come the thought police.

Over the years people with anti-American attitudes and who follow socialist ideology have been working hard on the generations of our children. Over 90% of Americans send their children to the public schools. This is where socialist ideology has been taught - I grew up in the public school and when you do, you don't even realize how you have absorbed the ideology that has been taught to you. You assume it is truth. It is only as I have been teaching my children that I have learned the truth about the history of our country....

The trouble I have with socialism is that 1. It doesn't work - take a look at countries who had decades of it and failed. 2. I have trouble with others telling me that they know better how to use my money, when they won't use their own money to help others.

Joe Biden is a millionaire, my husband makes less than $60,000 a year - yet last year Mr. Biden gave $300 to charity - we give more than that every month! Yet they want to use my money to help those THEY think need it. Why don't they use their money? His running mate has family in other countries that live in poverty, does he want to use my money to help them?

The socialists in this country have been smart - they have worked to change the minds of independent Americans by teaching the children, so now they think this is right. They have taken over the places of higher learning...I have always wondered why they don't just go to a socialist country to live? Why try to make America socialist?

It won't be America anymore - at least not the America that the World depends on. Americans give to the world, and not just our government, but the people of America give. Devastating earthquakes, tsunamis - Americans sent their own money as well as their tax dollars. Do other countries do this? Did other countries come to our aid with Hurricane Katrina relief? When we start paying more for everything and can barely afford anything, will Americans be able to aid the world?

This election is so important - it will determine whether we can hold back the socialists for a few more years or whether our America will begin to disappear. It may be exactly what God has in mind for us, we take for granted our freedoms -

The hope I have is not in one particular candidate - my hope is in God alone. He holds it all in His hands. He is working out His plan. I do know that with a victory for socialism, I will be on my knees much more than I am now. So perhaps that is God's plan.

I am praying.

May God grant us His Mercy!


  1. You are so right about the intentional indoctrination of the last couple of generations. It is sneaky...but it is becoming more and more obvious.

    I could say so much...I have studied web sites of those who have a large agenda to totally eradicate the traditional family...

    It is sad...but true.

    You are also right that this may well be what God will use to wake up many to their need of HIM.

    Blessings Friend,

    Becky K.

  2. Great post!

    When the one candidate talked about selfishness, we too thought of how generous the American people are with their money. I have seen this personally in action. No one, NO ONE, needs to tell us how to spend our money. When the need arises, we the people give generously. I know when our church gave for the Tsunami, we gave generously and sent men. This wasn't our country and we the people cared!

    Oh dear, maybe I should just blog this!!!

    Also, these young people who are voting for the cool dude, haven't lived long enough to know how these tax increases, etc will effect them. They are just hearing change. In a few years they will say, "What was I thinking!"

    I wish I could be there tomorrow to have a party with you. I am aching to come visit!!

  3. One awesome post auntie dee. We need to all cling to the fact that God is our HOPE and no one else is! He is using everything for HIS good! I dont post about the political stuff much either, a lot of opinions out there, but I do try and keep up with it. I remember you said this a while ago that you hope this pres. doesnt get too much work accomplished. This has been in my mind since and its so true! May God be the focus of everything we do, not a person! I am clinging to the fact that I live for God and His plan is the best way!

  4. I used a line from this post and quoted it on my blog because you said it best!

  5. Amen, sister. The boys and I spent an hour on our knees in prayer about tomorrow's election. It is frightening to me, because even though I know that God's will will be done, but because I fear that we may have to suffer under socialist rule with the others because God could use this as yet another wake-up call. After all, we didn't listen long enough or well enough when 9/11 occurred.

  6. All I can add to this is "You have said it right" If this particular candidate wins America will change so dramatically. We will definitely be on our knees as we should have been all along. THe Lord is the only one who can help us. Let us all pray.

  7. Your comments are so true. We know that God puts people in authority, so if Obama wins which it looks now like he will, we will all be spending more time on our knees.


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