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When I was a girl, my great-great aunt used to send us kids an advent calendar. We would eagerly await December 1st, so that we could start opening those little doors. Behind the doors would be scripture verses telling the Christmas story. It was a highlight of our Christmases.

When my teens were little, this kind of Advent Calendar could easily be found. We used to purchase one every year and our then little ones would have the Christmas story in scripture memorized by Christmas day.

When our little ones came along, we had a harder time finding the calendars I wanted. I didn't want there to be a picture of a star or SpongeBob or even Veggie Tales characters - I wanted there to be scripture verses. Some years I skipped the Advent Calendar altogether when I couldn't find them.

I look every year and this year I hit the jackpot! Berean Bookstore carries this sweet, old fashioned Advent Calendar! A bonus was that they were the least expensive ones they sell! I bought 3 this year. One for our nieces Sara Anne and Anna and one for our great nephew Elijah, and one for my children! I intend to save ours every year now just in case I can't find them next year. I may go out and get one for my new great nephew, who is still being knit together in his Momma's womb, sweet Alicia's little wee baby.

I want a legacy left for my children and the children of my nieces, nephews, and one day my own grand children. I want that legacy to be a Christ Centered Christmas, and life. I pray that each precious one comes to know the Saviour, Jesus. The true reason for the season!


  1. I have never seen an advent calendar with scriptures instead of candy. That is really cool!

    Does your family use an advent devotional? I'm looking for something new to use because we don't love the one we have

  2. We don't use an Advent devotional...sorry. I do have one by Thomas Kincade - but we have rarely used it.

  3. I love this idea. Our family has never used an advent calendar. Each year I think "We're gonna do that." Thanks for the reminder because I do have one tucked away!

  4. I love the advents with scripture. It is such a fun way for children to really come to know Jesus in this way. I also pray for little Cayden everyday that he would grow up to love and serve the Lord. It's never to early to lift our children in prayer! Sweet post Auntie Dee!

  5. Thank you, Deanna. I will have to make a trip to the Berean Bookstore.

  6. How neat to have an advent with scripture! What a great tradition to have with your family!



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