Dreary Day, Linky Love


We saw a lovely male cardinal in our front maple tree this morning.  He was waiting his turn at the feeder.  We are still shrouded in a gloomy sky, fog and snow everywhere.  Late last night we had freezing rain, but Tim made it home safely, early this morning.

I am so eager for spring, yet socked into winter still, that I decide to liven up and do a post with links to some good blog reads.

Sandra at Love Abounds At Home - did a great post called "I'm Not Half Married!"   She has a passion for marriage and shares it on her blog.

Ann at A Holy Experience - shared a beautiful post on Learning Days (Simply Homeschooling).

Lindsay at Girl In Nature - has a new camera and took some photos of my granddaughter!  Precious!

Stacy at Your Sacred Calling - posted a great article by her husband called "Cursing: I'm So Angry I Could" .

 I am planning a quiet day, we are going to go to my parents house and Tim is going to do our taxes.  I need to plan something for our fellowship meal after church tomorrow. 

Thanks for your prayers for our loved ones.  They are appreciated.... 



  1. I love this background! So feminine.

    Enjoy your day.
    When do you want us to get Chelsea back?

    Thanks for having her.

  2. I hope you have a lovely weekend, Deanna! :)

  3. Enjoy your quiet day.

    I've seen cardinals around here too and they are so bright and beautiful against the white snow.

  4. I love church fellowships! In fact, we had our men's prayer breakfast and our ladies' fellowship today...for those of us who braved the new snow...and are planning to have a churchwide fellowhship tomorrow! We have been having our Missions Conference but we have been hindered somewhat by the ice/snow we have had!
    I love your girls' room...the green is a little bit brighter than what I plan to have in my new(old) kitchen. The loft bed is the same one my kids had...now my parents have it for when my brother's younguns spend the night!
    Have a lovely day!


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