Spring Is In The Air...

 We are having warmer weather, and with the snow melting we are all getting eager for Spring.  Today Becky and I took our kids to our favorite garden. Longwood Gardens is having an Orchid Festival.  It is amazing how many variety of Orchids there are.

 They come in different colors, sizes and shapes.

 They have never really interested me, except for the fact that they are well, interesting.  Just look at them!

 I think of them as high maintenance flowers, and at Longwood, the Orchid room is humid.  I am not a fan of humid.

 Aren't they unusual?  

 Stunning, really.


I am always in awe of God's creativity, giving us the ability to propagate new varieties of plants.

Spring is on the way, my friends, I'm excited.  Are you?


  1. I think orchids are so very lovely, and Autumn bought me one last year, but alas, I think I've killed it.

  2. Love the last ones...they are my favorites. But my photo of them didn't turn out. Thankfully I have a good one from last year.

    It was fun...even with the wind!

  3. I just visited with Becky and saw more of the flowers on her blog. Thanks for sharing the orchids - I've been told they are not terribly hard to grow but I think my home would be too chilly for them. Like you, I don't do humid well! Thank you for sharing your visit to the conservatory.

  4. Awww...what a sweet day to spend with your children and a good good friend!! I must admit, I'm kinda jealous!! I used to have "homeschool" friends but it seems that I am "out of the loop" right now.
    However, we are moving to a new house and I just found out that another homeschool family living in the same TINY town is ALSO adopting from AFRICA!! So, we must have "Kindred Hearts" and I can't wait to meet them!! Maybe we can be buddies!
    Love and Blessings,


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