Learning Fair Photos

 Emily's Cappuccino muffins go into the oven

 An old Battenburg lace tablecloth - with some discolored spots, I decided to tea stain it!

 Homemade bread, Lindsay made this batch.

 Rachel made the oatmeal cookies

 Brownies bites - courtesy of Emily...

 Muffins on display

 Sarah and Kyle made chocolate chip cookies - they were really good!

 Our pretty table display...

 Lemon bars - Emily makes the best!

The rest of my photos of the other families tables did not turn out well.  Lindsay took some good ones, but is not home to share them with me.  She and Rachel are spending the weekend at a horse expo with Grandpa.  This is a much anticipated event every year for all three of them!

Hope you enjoyed the photos...we do love to cook and bake around here, I take delight in my girls become very proficient in this area!  What blessing it will be to them in the years to come!


  1. Your table looked lovely! And the treats...oh, my...yum! The flowers the girls wanted added a very pretty touch, too.

    I *just* finished emailing the recipe for cappuccino muffins to Chelsea. She was interested in the capp. cheesecake recipe I made for Clarence's b-day and I sent the muffin recipe as well, asking her if she'd ever had them. Too funny-you've probably made them for her already!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I must agree, Emily does make the best Lemon bars I have EVER tasted. My husband really loved the cappuccino muffins...even for breakfast this morning. Nice job!
    Pauline Williams

  3. Everything looks delicious! What a blessing your girls are and will be to their future families!

  4. I enjoyed my cappuccino muffin very very much.

    It all looked so pretty.

  5. Well... not I'm drooling! Yes, your table was pretty! Enjoyable post!

  6. Everything looks delicious. I especially like that homemade bread...yummmmmm!

  7. Everything looks *delicious*, now I'm hungry. (o:


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