An Out And About Kind Of Day

Today we paid a visit to King's Herb Nook in Honeybrook, PA.
When the girls and I took our medicinal herb class this past summer, our instructor was Rosanna King.  Her family owns this great little store.  It is packed with wonderful herbs, seeds, essential oils, teas, soaps, and much more.  It smelled so good in there!

Then we drove to Clay to the Clay Bookstore.  This is a neat bookstore that not only has new books, stickers, teacher items, stationary etc, but used curriculum and used books!  I scored a Grace Livingston Hill book I have been looking for, for $1.  

Then we went to our doctor's office for a follow up.  The nurse practitioner that we have seen several times in the last few weeks, could not believe that the doctor did not give the girls a steroid yesterday.  Emily and Sarah are on it - he didn't think Rachel needed it.  The girls are already looking and feeling better.  

We got home and made dinner, the girls headed out for skating, Tim got up and we played Uno Attack with Kyle and Sarah, then put them to bed.

I like a day out now and then, but too many of these kinds of days and our schedules go crazy.  I am thankful to have finished a good day of school, as well, especially after the girls being sick for the past two weeks.


  1. Thank goodness for the steroids!

    I am glad they are on the mend.

    It sounds like the kids had a good time at skating last night.

    I'm headed to the doctor before co-op today. It is this ear thing that won't quit. I look like a stumbling drunk sometimes!


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