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The work for each day is going pretty well, considering today I was gone almost all day, with taking the kids to the doctor for their poison (which the doctor who is not one of our regular docs, didn't feel confident that it is poison ivy and even though he was certain they would need a steroid, he didn't feel confident in giving it to them yet. We ended up with tears for girls who are quite miserable being made to stay miserable for at least one more day).

Yesterday I managed to clean out the fridge.  It didn't take long and it looks very nice.  Tonight I decided to reorganize the counter.  

I already have a baking center with everything I need to bake in the cupboard under my Kitchen Aide, and so I decided to move the jars for rice, oatmeal and pasta to the counter area by the stove.  This way the things that are cooked are by the stove.  

This also has cleared a counter off, and visually removed clutter!  Good stuff all the way around. 

Tomorrow I am fairly certain that we will be back at the doctor's office....so the work for the day will be modified.

Lindsay and I also cut out a dress pattern today.  It is a medieval style - Eowyn inspired dress.

The fabric is a cream color linen blend.  It is a pretty heavy fabric. The inspiration for this dress can be seen here.  Though she does not want the whole sleeve.

 We are hoping to start it tomorrow.  

Thanks Lindsay for all the photos!


  1. Good Grief! I wish he would have given you the prescription to get filled today, if you needed it, rather than have to go back.

    I need to declutter my kitchen counter, as well. Seriously!

  2. i'm in complete agreement with becky about the Rx.

    i'm cleaning today. great minds and all...


  3. What a lovely dress that will be!

  4. Looks like you got some good cleaning/organizing done! Great job!--It looks really nice. (o:

  5. Oh, I think Autumn would love that dress!

    Good for you and your new found schedule. If I can ever get my home back in order from the renovations/painting, I should try it too. I do laundry everyday, which I'd never change, but we usually do the entire house all in one day, and then we sweep almost daily.

    So sorry about your girls. I hope they get some relief soon.

  6. I hope you get some help with the poison ivy!
    I hope you show us the dress when it's done :-)

  7. Love your cozy kitchen. Can't wait to see the finished dress. How dreamy!


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