Today, several whom we love are dealing with the loss of a beloved family member.

Our niece Jill and her husband Rodney lost Rodney's mom Marta to cancer this past Monday. Today is her funeral. Marta, a single woman, adopted Rodney and raised him on her own.  They were very close, and this is going to be a huge hole for him.  Please pray for them.

Also, our dear friend Denny, our brother in the Lord, lost his sister last night, also to cancer.  Her funeral will be sometime this coming week in New York.

We are praying for them, we are doers so it is hard to not be able to 'do' anything but pray, but of course this is the one real thing that can help.

Jill, Rodney and Denny.  Know you are loved and being upheld before the Lord.


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