Thursday, February 17, 2011

Just Taking A Moment

I am taking a moment to relax.   We have been dealing with sickness since last week - Emily is doing fine, but Sarah still seems wiped out and off and on runs a fever.  Now Rachel has strep.  

I was very pleased with how well we were doing health wise this winter, and I really can't complain.  We have been very healthy.  I had Rachel at our doctor's office this evening and the Nurse Practitioner that we saw, said he and his family have had a terrible winter sickness wise!

We will continue with rest, lots of fluids, jello, and good movies to break up the monotony for them.  Right now we are watching "Battle of Britain" an old movie 
but one that fits in with our history studies this year.  It is a creative way to continue to learn while dealing with sick days!

On top of all the care giving and snuggling and movie watching, we have co-op classes tomorrow (for the non sickies) and then a graduation meeting tomorrow night. 

Well, I must end now and go to sleep.  I have two girlies in with me tonight.  Pray for good sleep for both of them will you?  I need a solid nights sleep too!

Sweet dreams, everyone.


  1. Did you see Madame Curie when we were so into it? Might be another good one for the sick days.


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