Question - UPDATE

My friend Laura I think has the answer to my question.  My phone and dsl provider is Frontier and they are headquartered in Rochester, NY!  Genius girl!
Whenever I am visiting a blog that uses a visitor tracker like Feedjit, it shows that I am in Rochester, NY, which I am not!

I have started to get ads popping up from Rochester too.  

Does anyone know why this could be happening and how to fix it?


  1. My location changes every time, thanks to dial up. I get ads for whatever town it shows for me, too, which are all over the state of MI.

    I have no idea how to fix it, I just empathize. I guess I just figure it has to do with where your isp routes you somehow?

    The targeted marketing is kind of a joke, though, isn't it? Rochester is a looong way from you!

  2. Have you tried going here to change your location? It might work :-)


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