The Runaway

Last evening when Emily went to close up the chicken coop, our sweet Lottie was no where to be found.  

We let her free range during the day and she is often in the flower beds, scratching happily finding yummy stuff for chickens to eat!  In the early afternoon she was in the front yard, and later as it was getting dark she was in the back along the creek as the kids were playing ultimate frisbee.  

A bit later when Emily went out, Lottie was no where to be seen.  This is not good.  The kids looked everywhere, no Lottie.  We thought it strange that a wild animal would have gotten her, as there were people around while it was getting dark and she always goes into the coop at dark.  There was no sign of a wild animal having gotten into the coop, there were no feathers around, nothing.  We went to bed sad, thinking our poor chicken had become dinner for a fox family or something, but we left the coop open just in case she came home.

This morning I looked out my windows, hoping to see her under the coop or nearby, but no chicken.  About an hour later, Rachel says "Hey, Lottie's back!"  Sure enough there she was heading from the coop toward the barn!

I bet she could tell us quite a tale, of wanderings and trials trying to get back to her cozy coop!  I hope she doesn't make a habit of this and become like Bilbo Baggins off having adventures...I don't want to hear a chicken version of "the road goes ever on and on..." coming from my backyard....and since we are planning to get more chickens, I hope she doesn't become a bad influence on them!

For now we are happy to know she is well, and will be leaving us an egg every day or so....

Welcome Home, Lottie!


  1. I just love this post coming from you....shaking my head in amazement.
    Love ya!

  2. So glad Lottie came home. PTL!

  3. What a fun post. Glad Lottie returned. I saw a black and white flop-eared rabbit escapee in our neighborhood yesterday and again this morning. I don't know who it belongs to, but I'm not sure it will be an easy task to get it back into it's pen.


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