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 One of my favorite blogs is Coffee, Tea, Books, and Me.  Brenda shares such encouraging things and I especially like her Sunday Afternoon Tea posts.  Today she posted some thoughts about a book she is reading about Jonathan and Sarah Edwards, he the Puritan preacher and she his amazing wife.  The book is called "Marriage To A Difficult Man."  I am going to have to read this book, I really like good biographies. 

The following quote is from her blog today, emphasis mine.

"There has been plenty of time for reading this past week.  I continue to be haunted (in a good way that is) by the book about the Jonathan Edwards' family.  It has reminded me that God uses all kinds of families and in various circumstances.  To think how this one couple influenced a nation at first through Jonathan's writing and preaching, to be followed by the impact of their children and their heirs... amazing.

There was no Internet or telephone or even a dependable way to send and receive mail.  Travel was difficult at the least and often dangerous. 
But there was a man and a woman who loved their children and those who came across their path, sharing hospitality and their Faith from their small house in a small town... one day at a time."

The thing that I am struck by is the statement "from their small house in a small town"  - see they have an amazing legacy of faithful children and grandchildren.  Their descendants went on to be statesmen, university presidents, preachers, etc....yet it was the daily faith lived out at home, that brought forth this fruit.

Sometimes I forget that God is using me too, in my small house, in my small town to reach others and to have an impact on others.  But God is reminding me, in His ever so gentle way, that He calls us to be faithful to Him, and He will do the rest.  He is at work in my home, in my marriage, in my children, in our hospitality, in our friendships....

I will never be a famous blogger with thousands of followers, I will never have a major platform to share Christ, but I have what He has given me - a small house in a small town.

I am thankful for this reminder.  I am thankful for His work in His way....

Thanks Brenda for sharing your impacted me today and will for years to come.


  1. What an uplifting post to read first thing on a Monday morning, Deanna! Thank you for continuing to write. I'm sure you are an encouragement to many! God be with you give you a wonderful week in Him!

  2. Mrs. Rabe your post is beautiful today. We do tend to forget that there is no platform to small to do God's work. Blessings


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