A Fun Way To Cool Off

We took a quick drive to a nearby township park with a delightful creek.  It's been hot, and today the humidity was high as well.  We were in need of some cool fun, so we grabbed some towels, some water, a book, a chair and headed out.

 Left to right: my niece Kaitlin, Rachel, my granddaughter Kamryn, Sarah, and Kyle.

I enjoyed the creek, the cool breeze, my book, and my iced tea.  We were only there about an hour and a half but it was just the refreshment we needed.


  1. That looks like a delightful way to cool off!! (We didn't do anything that "fun" today, but it was a good day nonetheless!) :)

    I thought Rachel was Emma. Everyone is growing up!

  2. Oh I am loving these photos Deanna! I think these are the most lovely photos I have seen all summer! So enjoyed seeing the grandchildren having fun in this lovely setting! How representative of summer!

  3. Water play is such a good means to keep cool and keep little people occupied. Such fun!

  4. Nice you have that so close. I can just catch the cool breeze from the cold water in the stream! Refreshing yes!


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