Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Okay, bear with me.  When I wrote my post title this is what came into my mind.  I decided to share it with you.  I'll see you on the other side of the video.

Yes, I've seen tons of Veggie Tales, and it's all stuck in my head!  Now that we've had our morning chuckle, let's talk about the weather.

We've have been in a pattern of hot, humid weather, and afternoon/evening storms.  Not terrible storms but storms none the less.  However we are getting a bit of a break, though no Polar Vortex relief.  We will be in the mid 80's which is normal for us.  It does feel better though than the last few years where we have had 90 days of 90 degree or higher temperatures!  The humidity is going to be low, to which we all say, "Hallelujah!"

Last evenings storm came through and then we saw soft pink light outside.

I took this video from the front door, so you'll see the screen door frame in it briefly.  As I opened it to go out I realized it was raining, and decided to record the pink light with the rain from the door way.  You can hear Sarah's piano lesson in the background.

Brenda has been having temperatures in the 70's which is unheard of for the Midwest in July.  

Cheryl has had high humidity in the MidAtlantic.  

I wonder what your weather is like today.  I'd love to know!


  1. This is our third day of torrential rains with thunderstorms from time to time. The temp is not that high, but the humidity is. I'll be glad for the lower humidities promised. That pink light is so lovely...when the storms end, I'll be by to listen to the video. (Can't get it on iPad.)

  2. It is gorgeous here with highs yesterday below 70 and we are to be in the 70s now for a few days. The Polar Vortex arrived.

    Heat and humidity are in the forecast next week when we return to normal.

    Stephanie has had drenching rains the past few days, too. Much like Vee.

  3. What lovely pictures! I just adore a light summer rain and when the sky turns that gorgeous soft pink! Texas is going to have rain moving in today and that's something to be happy about! Have a wonderful day!

  4. ~Smiling~ I haven't watched a Veggie Tales video in quite a while this brings back so many memories.
    All that rain has certainly produced beautiful flowers, they are so pretty. It has been so dry here that we have our irrigation sprinklers on almost non stop, however we have had some much needed rain this week, our temps are cooler than normal, I am certainly not going to complain about that, just enjoying.
    The last video was a joy, beautiful sounds of rain mixed with family love. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Well, here on the west coast we`re having a heat wave. I`m not minding it too much since I know it likely won`t last long. We haven`t had rain in I don`t know how long.

    Lately, our little 3 year old granddaughter has become Larry and her mother is Bob. When she's over her, I'm Bob. The other day she was in her room for her nap and I heard the door open and a little voice call, "Bob, I have to go potty." It's pretty funny.

  6. We are sitting on the porch right now and it is a perfect temperature, We too have the polar vertex which blew in last night with a terrible storm (5 inches of rain.) The awful humidity has dropped and we enjoyed lunch outdoors today. What a gift! It's supposed to last a couple of days.

  7. We did get a break some break in the humidity here least I was able to run errands without sweltering!

    I loved hearing Haydn's "Surprise Symphony" in Sarah's lesson. It's a fun song!


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