Monday, July 7, 2014

Tradition: Hope Chest

One thing I always wanted in my girlhood was a hope chest.  A place to collect and store things for making my own home one day.  My grandma had a chest that had belonged to her own mother, my great-grandmother, whom I never knew.  This would be so wonderful to have this for 'my own' hope chest!  My grandma told me I could have it "one day,"  but that day never came.  She was not ready to let it go.  Since her death it has been at my mothers' house, but this last year I had an idea.

In my own family we have always gotten our girls a hope chest for their 12th birthday, though Rachel's may have been for her 13th.  Knowing that Sarah's birthday was coming up and we would be wanting to get her a hope chest, I spoke to my mom about my grandma's.  Since it technically was mine, I thought that it would be special for Sarah to have it.  My mom heartily agreed!

Sarah and my grandma were dear friends.  They loved each other so much.  Grandma would light up when Sarah would get to their house, and Sarah would climb up on grandma's recliner with her and they'd watch movies together.  They loved the same movies!  Sarah has a sparkling personality and is very imaginative, so she kept my grandma entertained!

This Friday, on Sarah's 12th birthday, she will be receiving her very own hope chest.  She's been waiting for this day, watching each of her other sisters get theirs and watching them begin to collect items for their future homes.  She will be more excited that it had belonged to her great-grandmother, and that it was her great-great-grandmothers hope chest.  Sarah is the right girl to receive this.  She is a romantic at heart and this will be so meaningful for her.

I'm teary-eyed right now thinking about it, because I know how special this will be.

I can't wait.  


  1. How very, very special! I've had my grandma's since I was 20 and it sits at the end of our bed. It's nice that hope chests still are a custom.

  2. Oh that is very special. She will treasure it. Twelve? Already? Oh my!

  3. That is very special. I always wanted a hope chest, but never did have one. Sarah will be thrilled.

  4. I can't wait to see a photo. I received a Lane hope chest for my 16th birthday. It is one of my precious possessions.

    Doesn't time fly by? I can't believe Elisabeth is twelve now!

  5. Oh, I wish I could be that proverbial fly on the wall when Sarah receives this most special of gifts!!

  6. What a wonderful tradition and one I wished I would have started with my now 20 year old daughter. How special your daughter will receive your Grandma's chest...something she will cherish and pass on as well. Great post!!

  7. What a lovely gift and so heartfelt. My parents gave me mine when I graduated from high school.

    Since we had sons I guess one day it might go to grand.



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