The Important Things In Life

Death is a good reminder to make sure we have taken care of the important things in life.  

Photo of Tim's mom and Terry's daughter at the memorial service on Sunday morning.

The number one item of importance is our standing with the Lord. Am I trusting in Christ's finished work on the Cross as payment for my sin?  

Another important thing is my relationships to other people.  Am I self focused or focused on the needs of others?  Am I only concerned with self gratification?  What will my children say about me after I've gone?  

What kind of legacy will we leave behind?  One that is painful, or one that is full of rejoicing?

I borrowed my daughters car the other day and was so delighted to see where her focus is at age 20.

I'm praying for Grace to finish the race, that the Lord has for me, with endurance, strength, and wisdom.

How about you?


  1. Yes, important thoughts...I am only glad that the journey is only revealed as it much living to do and rolled into that are always the trials of this life. Hopefully, we all know that in Heaven every single thing will be all right. The concerns and shortcomings of this life will be healed. Some things are beyond our control in this life.

  2. One day at a time, one step at a time, keeping our focus on Him so we live as we should. What a neat thing to find in your daughter's car!

  3. Good thoughts here today. "Leaving a legacy" is well worth pondering. We all leave's the kind that we leave that makes a difference.

    Emma's car note is revealing.

    Continuing to pray for your family during this time of transition.


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