Literature: The Real Jane Austen

Being a Jane Austen fan, I receive a monthly newsletter from The Jane Austen Centre in Bath.  This month they had a link to a video that is a teaser for a documentary that is being done on the making of the new wax figure of Jane that has been done and is now in the Centre.  I think it is fascinating!  Here is the link to the teaser!

Photo courtesy of The Jane Austen Centre, Bath

The article about how it came about it here.

Are you a Janeite?  Which books have you read?  Which movie adaptations are your favorite?  Let's talk Jane!


  1. Don't hit me, but I am not a fan of the books at all. In movie form, they are more tolerable, even pleasant. Off to follow your link.

  2. Wow! That was amazing! Hope all your readers will watch.

  3. The video is fascinating!!

    We have a large collection of Jane Austen dvd's...and opinions on which of are the "best" of the various versions. :)

    Kati has all of the books. (I have yet to read them, I'm sorry to say.)

  4. This link was absolutely so amazing, to see how the real Jane Austin came into being was so incredible , I am always so amazed at the gifts and talents of others. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love Jane Austin and am lucky enough to live one county away from kent where p and p is set and it has been easy for me to visit these places and imagine being part of it. Look up petworth house, west Sussex. This is a beautiful house in a huge park which is free to the public. When I was able to walk I was able to walk my children here every day. The house has a huge collection of Turner's too. I hope you get to visit one day x

  6. I've read Pride and Prejudice and Persuasion. I started Sense and Sensibility twice but gave up. I now know why. My book has tiny faded print. I'd like to get this novel on Kindle. Does listening to all of Emma on audio count?

    The 1995 film with Emma Thompson is my favorite.

    We once lived in Kent. That was before I read any Jane Austen.

    My British pen friend visited Lyme Park, in Cheshire - the house used for Pemberley. I think I would like to visit Luckington Court in Wiltshire - used for Longborn of the Bennets. I will look up Pentworth House. What a lovely opportunity for jo to walk with her children there. I like Turner's paintings of ships and water.

  7. I visited the Centre in Bath a few years ago but this beautiful wax figure was not there yet. Now off to follow your link!


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