Happy Birthday, Sarah!

 You are loved, precious girl!  Your life shines, it always has.  Now as you have reached young womanhood, the zest for life, and your love for Jesus radiates out from you.

I am so thankful for you, my darling daughter.

Happy, Happy Birthday!


  1. I loved looking at this series of pictures! I see Kamryn in the photo of toddler Sarah, but mostly I see Sarah in all of these...sweet, exuberant Sarah!

    Birthday blessings to your girl!!

  2. hope you have a nice day celebrating your Sarah. I enjoyed seeing her pics over the year! (and your garden at dusk, previous post). Have a nice weekend!

  3. "Marriage.........!"

  4. Cheryl's right! Kamryn looks like Auntie Sarah! Fun to see Sarah grow up in this post! Hope that she has a happy birthday weekend.

  5. I've never met Sarah, but from the photos - her eyes especially - I can see the "radiate" part. Happy birthday, Sarah!


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