Happy Memories!

We got Tim's Mom talking yesterday about her family memories, and she started telling stories and laughing.  It was so fun, and great to see her engaged in conversations again.  When we were here in June she was so quiet, the silence made us all sad, as that is not 'her.'  

I thought you might enjoy seeing this clip!


  1. Oh, that is wonderful! I know that it was a great delight to her family to be engaged with her and see her sparkle! These will be happy memories...

  2. Oh I love her stories! And I love hearing her laugh. :) Thanks for sharing.

  3. Deanna, this reminds me SO MUCH of listening to my grandparents talk. Her mannerisms remind me even more of my grandfather than grandmother. It's something about her gestures and the inflection in her voice. He was actually not much of a talker until you got him on an old story.

    Your post was a wonderful way for me to start my morning. It made my heart glad. I know you understand what I mean by that. (I think you do anyway...)

    Going to have to read some today to catch up everywhere. Since so much of my life went on "hold" lately, it seems that I have to catch up on everything from toilet cleaning to blog reading. I'm praying that August brings just a tad of structure back to my life.

  4. Oh how darling she is! I so appreciate you sharing this with everyone! I know this was a difficult time for your family! Bless her sweet heart!


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