Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Here are some things that I've been pinning lately.

Tartan Shoe by Cole Haan

Silver flatware.  Beautiful!

Inspiration!  My kitchen is a similar color, and I have white trim.  I love this sink, and I am thinking of these kinds of counter tops!

I really like this idea!

Dreaming of Autumn!


What have you been inspired by lately?

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  1. I have seen pining for autumn all over Blogdom already. It's July. Let us not rush things. = D

    That cutlery drawer is perfection! I also like the kitchen and can believe that for the veritically challenged, no or few upper cabinets is the way to go!

  2. Love that kitchen! I like the countertops, and I;m always telling my son, who works with granite that I see these wood countertops. But they have more business than ever so I guess it isn't fading yet. That's a great cutlery drawer too. The shoes are darling but not on my feet anymore!

  3. I love those farmhouse sinks too!


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