23rd Year To See The Christmas Lights

The year we moved to Pennsylvania, Emma was 6 months old, and a sweet lady at our church mentioned that the Herr's Snack Company in Nottingham, PA did a wonderful, free Christmas light display.  So we took the kids to go see them.

She was right they were wonderful, and we've been going every year since then.  Some years we've gone multiple times in a season, taking guests and friends along.

This year with Emma and Vinnie here we wanted to go with them, so we headed out Friday evening.

A lot of the photos are not that great, as you have to stay in your car these days.  We used to be able to get out to take photos and walk among the trees.

We'd hoped Isla would enjoy them, but she slept the whole trip!  Maybe when they come back for Christmas, we can go again!


  1. Pretty, I like the gingerbread man on top of the house.
    I live in a community that has a street that does this every year, It's called
    Christmas lane and it circles around to the street I live on. It will open next Saturday at 6 P.M. I haven't decorated a lot outside mainly wreaths on my front door and windows. Maybe this year I'll add a little more.

  2. What a fine tradition! Last year we went to a drive-through display that took us hours to get through. Literally! Bumper to bumper with long lines waiting. We three adults decided we didn't need to do that again this year :)

  3. A wonderful tradition. We gather up our grandchildren to go see a little mill town that has zillions of lights--just like we did with their dad when he was a boy.

  4. Baby Isla didn't know she was supposed to oooh and ahhhh?! ~smile~ She was probably worn out from all of the celebrating and loving!


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