Thursday, November 16, 2017

Christmas Stockings from Pottery Barn Kids

Many years ago, I was shopping in the Pottery Barn Kids outlet and found some sweet Christmas stockings.  My three youngest didn't have nice ones, so I bought them each a quilted stocking with sweet red gingham at the top.  

When Kamryn came along I bought one for her.  Now we have two more granddaughters, so of course they need their cute stockings.

This is the one I ordered for Klaire - 

Angel Quilted Stocking

And this one is Isla's pattern.
Angel Kitty Quilted Stocking
They are so cute and it will be fun to fill them with sweet things for Christmas Eve!

Do you have special stockings for Christmas? When do you open your stockings? 


  1. They are so cute!! Last year, I bought fabric, intending to make new stockings for the new house. Guess whose stocking stuffers were put in a gift bag?

  2. Very cute stockings. We have ones I made a few years ago. Actually, I've made several sets over the years and have kept them all. When the children were at home, they would pile on our bed on Christmas morning and open stockings there. Tim and I still do that with our stockings, but we also have a family stocking opening before the presents. We like to stretch things out!

  3. I have my old stocking that my Grandmom knit for me when I was little, and for my oldest two children I have stocking that my other Grandmom embroidered when they were little. My other five children each have stockings I made for them (though I finally made Silas' stocking the day AFTER Christmas last year! Better late than never though, right?) Only my husband is stuck with whatever extra stocking we can find. Maybe I'll get one made for him this year.

  4. Those are precious! I'll bet you'll find some more really cute ones for the new grandchildren...♥


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