Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Thanksgiving Prep

Today is my day to prepare for our Thanksgiving meal tomorrow.   I'll be making a pie or two, deciding on which veggie dishes I'm going to make, and then this evening, I'll put our big turkey on to slow roast.

We've been in celebration mode since last week.  Our friends Rick and Jane were here until Monday morning, and Emma, Vinnie, and Isla surprised us on Saturday by showing up four days early!  So fun!

 Kamryn and cousin Isla

 Klaire and Isla enjoying each other.  Everytime they see each other they are fascinated with each other.  The evening these photos were taken we laughed because it seemed as if they were having their own conversations.  So cute!

Couch pile of people.  It delights me that my people really like each other!

I hope you and your family and friends, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I am so thankful for all of you who read here and find Hospitality, Friendship, and Encouragement here!

As an interesting side note - I read this week on an Instagram feed that more and more people in the UK are celebrating Thanksgiving.  I found this article about it (written two years ago) and find it fascinating - Brits-giving

Do any of my friends from the UK who read here celebrate along with us?  


  1. I can't say that I have heard of any Thanksgiving celebrations here, and our Supermarkets are not advertising anything except Christmas.
    I wonder if our Remembrance Day is one of a kind of Thanksgiving, but without the food?
    I m sure you will have a wonderful day.

  2. It looks like your family is already in the full swing of Thanksgiving! I have a question...what are your instructions for slow roasting a turkey all night?

  3. Love the interaction between the little cousins. Looks as if an enduring
    friendship has been established.

    ๐Ÿ‚๐ŸงกA blessed Thanksgiving to you and yours..

  4. We are doing prep work today too! Louis Dean just bought our FOURTH ham! He finally got the one I asked for in the first place! The first one was a picnic that you must cook. I don’t know how he did it but the bottom part turned to MUSH! I mean MUSH! The second one he got out of the freezer and it was the exact same kind as the first one so he decided not to use it and went to the store this morning for another one. Well, he paid big bucks and got a tiny little ham! He turned around and went back to the store and got a spiral cut honey ham! And I will get up early and put it in the roaster in the morning as it is fully cooked and must be heated up! Now we have two big bags of the good part of the first ham in the fridge and two hams - a big one and a little one - in the deep freeze! And one in the gazebo fridge for tomorrow! Now he’s on to making the dinner rolls!

  5. I started (my first) slow roasting turkey also! Thank you so much for sharing this method....I'm hoping it all goes well.

    I love your blog, it's very helpful and down to earth.

  6. Those two little girls look very involved in their conversation. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  7. I've been away from blogging and may not even have time to read back wards. I love the photo of your two little grand girls. How very sweet! They will grow up good friends and this will be a fun photo for them to look back on. I have a cousin my age and we were both blondes and love seeing pics of us together as babies!

  8. I'm in the UK and haven't seen any Thanksgiving celebrations but most of my Facebook friends are American so we've adopted the gratitude part over the years. We've been doing #yearofgratitude on Facebook, it's always a good thing to focus on and make you appreciate and remember everything you have and how good God is. I hope you are having a wonderful time with family x

  9. Such special moments with all your family gathered together! I love the "conversation" between the two little ones! Precious memories indeed!


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